10 Baby products that will make your life easier

10 Baby products that will make your life easier

Motherhood is amazing, but it’s not easy. The whole process is nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. But luckily the present-day technology is making the lives of moms like me a little bit easier. Yes, easier! If you have been dreaming of catching a little more sleep or eager about just stepping out and spending a little guilt-free time, then this list is going to be your savior. Today, the market place is flooded with amazing baby products that cater to all the needs of a baby.

 Which are the most useful baby products?

Anyone who is expecting a baby will be certainly baffled at the number of products required for a newborn. I’m not going to talk about the absolute essentials here like diapers, clothes, crib etc. But basically, these few baby products made my life much easier when I had my babies. So, based on my own experience with two babies and that of friends, I’ve made a list of top 10 baby products that will make life easier for all you new moms.

1.Nursing Pillow 

Nursing Pillow

Let me start with my favourite, the nursing pillow. Imagine the predicament of a new mom who is not even sure how to hold a newborn, but has to feed her baby. After a c-section, the body is generally weak and your back hurts all the time. A nursing pillow is a great buy as it provides support for the mom and allows the baby to latch well.

Key benefits: they save your neck, back, and shoulders, pillow ensures baby is at the right height for your breast, useful for moms with C-section.

2.Baby Monitor 

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a radio device that enables you to see and hear your baby when not in the same room. When it comes to our babies, we understand that safety is no joke. That is why many parents feel that baby monitors give their babies the necessary security in keeping track of their small ones, even when not in the same location.

Key benefits: Tracking baby’s sleep, much-desired sleep for parents, video baby monitors work as both nanny cams and security cameras.

3.Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier

Let’s face it. Carrying around our babies all day in our arms could be very taxing, especially for a healing postpartum body. This results in backaches, body pains, and tiredness. Baby carriers are a savior as you can place the baby comfortably in it while you complete your chores.

Key benefits: great for babies with reflux, improves babies core strength.

4.Breast Pump

Breast Pump

For mothers who need to be away from their babies, a breast pump is a boon. New-age moms must know about this, but it still sounds like an alien object to many. A breast pump helps a nursing mother to pump and store breast milk so that the baby gets  to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding even when the mother is not around.

Key benefits: comes in handy if a baby can’t latch well, pumping helps a new mother from the heaviness of breasts, control over the timing.

5.Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

Using a nursing cover while you breastfeed is one way to help make breastfeeding comfortable in crowded places. Previously, women used shawls and baby blankets to cover themselves while feeding for privacy. Nursing covers, however, are more convenient and are customized and designed for feeding purposes.

Key benefits: makes you feel comfortable while breastfeeding, continued bonding with your child even when in public.

6.Self-cleaning Bibs with catcher

Self-cleaning Bibs with catcher

A standard bib is a round cloth that goes around the baby’s neck and snapped in the back.But the bibs have evolved with time and there are a variety of different styles present. I personally like the feeding bib.It has a pocket sewed to the bottom which catches both solid and liquified foods.

Key benefits: allows easy feeding, easy to clean, clothes stay cleaner for hours.

7.Car seats

Car seats

Car seats save lives just as seat belts do. But car seats are designed to fit adults and are not as good for protecting kids. The shoulder belt is likely to pass over a child’s chin. The only way to keep babies safe in the face of a crash is to have them sit in a rear-facing car seat.

Key benefits: helps prevent injuries and save lives.

 8.Bottle sterilizers

Bottle sterilizers

If you use bottles for formula or breast milk like me, then you must know how difficult it is to completely clean them. Bottle sterilizers provide an extra degree of sterilization to your baby’s bottles far beyond that you can get from soap and water. Using sterilized bottles is the best way to ensure they are not taking in germs along with their milk.

Key benefits: keeps the germs and harmful bacteria at bay

9.Baby swaddles 

Baby swaddles

Swaddling is a long-age practice of covering the baby to keep him/her warm and secure. Swaddle blankets are typically lose-cloth blankets. But the modern swaddles are non-lose and are wearable.They come in different shapes and are recommended for safer and healthier swaddling.

Key benefits: leads to longer and sounder sleep, non-lose swaddles help reduce the risk of SIDS.

10.Anti-colic Bottle

Anti-colic Bottle

It is quite upsetting when you find out your baby is prone to colic. Specialists have indicated that anti-colic bottles can help the newborn feed properly, only swallowing milk and no air. These bottles reduce the air bubbles which otherwise travel through a baby’s tummy and leading to gas and discomfort.

Key benefits: symptoms can reduce upto 80%, the emotional toll of colic can mitigate

There is certainly no shortage of baby products in the market .There are several other useful products like pacifiers, baby bottles, baby bags, strollers, food processors and warmers that ease up a parent’s hassle while also keeping the baby secure and comfortable.As a parent ,you are the best person to decide which products are the best and appropriate for your little one. Take a look at The Best Baby Skincare Products for Your Newborn.

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