10 Common Misconceptions About Stretch Marks

10 common misconceptions about stretch marks

As you venture into motherhood, and take those steps forward, prepping up to bring into life your little bundle of joy, the transition can be a little overbearing. 

And it begins with you. Your body and your baby are both developing and changing in remarkable ways.

As your body prepares to make room for the little one, a considerable amount of change can be seen in the appearance of your skin, during and after pregnancy. 

In simple words, anytime a body undergoes a rapid transformation, during pregnancy or otherwise, it makes it hard for the skin to keep up with all that stretching. Collagen is the protein that keeps skin strong and supple. And lack of collagen in your skin can cause stretch marks. 

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Pregnancy is undeniably the time, when your skin stretches the most, causing the stretch marks to surface all over the tummy, chest, upper arms, legs and even back. It can also get dry and itchy leaving the skin irritable for some. Usually, they start darker and gradually fade over time, but never really go away. 

Clearly, stretch marks are harmless but they do not make for a pleasant sight. And a lot of women either strive to get rid of them or prevent them from showing up. 

While there isn’t a magic cure to stretch marks, however, there are ways that can significantly help you reduce its appearance and effects.

Using stretch mark crème early on helps keep the skin elastic and soft. You should look for the ones that are rich in naturally hydrating ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, rosehip oil, Vitamin E and A. These magic ingredients have properties that ensure to nourish and soothe your itchy, dry and stretch mark prone skin.

So, are women more prone to getting stretch marks than men? Do men get stretch marks at all?

Chances are you must have heard a lot of conflicting information about stretch marks or striae as they are medically known. Here are some of them and the truth behind these myths:

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  • Only pregnant women can get stretch marks

While pregnant women can develop stretch marks, but that’s not the only case. They can appear during puberty after sudden growth spurts. Any other fast change in your body shape, like bodybuilding or sudden weight loss may cause stretch marks in men and women alike.

  • Overweight women are more prone to stretch mark

While rapid weight gain can cause stretch marks but it does not mean that leaner people do not get them. Especially during pregnancy, due to stretching of the skin and hormonal changes women of all weight ranges deal with stretch marks.

  • Stretch marks are only caused by stretching of the skin

It’s a popular misconception that stretching of the skin is the only cause of stretch marks. Genetics play a vital role in determining whether or not you get stretch marks. If your mother or grandmother got them during pregnancy or otherwise, chances are you will get them too despite your weight or hormones.

  • Stretch marks can’t be treated

Stretch marks may not have a full-proof cure but there are ways one can minimize them by targeting and boosting the collagen and elasticity in the skin. 

While staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is always a good idea for healthy-looking skin, stretch mark removal crèmes are specially formulated to help soothe and hydrate the areas of skin at risk of stretch marks. Slathering your skin by natural ingredients like Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sea Buckthorn oil and Rosehip oil can help keep your skin soft and nourished. Also applying them early on (three times a day during and after pregnancy) may benefit you the most.

  • Lifestyle and diet doesn’t affect stretch marks

Our lifestyle and nutrition play a very important role in keeping stretch marks at bay. By including collagen-boosting and skin-friendly foods you can minimize the probability of getting them. Intake of Vitamin C and skin-nourishing essentials like Vitamin D and E along with a good amount of hydration can help avoid and treat stretch marks.

  • Stretch marks only appear on the tummy

The fact is that they can surface anywhere. While stretch marks on your belly are the most common during pregnancy, they can show up on your legs, thighs, hips, arms, breast and even back.  

  • Weight loss makes stretch marks disappear 

Losing weight does not eliminate stretch marks. Although with healthy weight loss you can reduce excess tension pulling on the skin, the stretch marks are deeply rooted inside the layers of skin. Losing weight cannot alone undo this damage.

  • Stretch marks are all one colour

They change colour or shape depending on how old and severe the stretch marks are. Relatively new marks appear to be red or purple in colour.  Once they set in they can turn into more purple and if left untreated they age and turn into white or silver.

  • Hormones do not affect stretch marks

They do! In fact, cortisol- a hormone which is released when you’re stressed is converted into cortisone that can weaken the elastic fibres in your skin. Yet another reason for you to practice self-care while you’re pregnant.

  • Exercising will help

It won’t really do much to the marks you already have. But stretch marks become less noticeable on a toned body.

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So stay hydrated, eat well and practice a healthy lifestyle. And enjoy this phase while it lasts.