10 Ways Working Moms can Balance Work & Family

10 Ways Working Mom can Balance Work & Family

Being a working mom is tough and you seem to have taken on a difficult task – being fully committed to your family as well as your work and trying to create the perfect balance between them both. Phew!

However, if you learn how to find the right balance between your family and career, you can pursue a full-time career without ignoring your loved ones.

Here are 10 simple ways working moms can balance work and family at the same time!

  1.    Use time-saving hacks

Planning your days in advance is a good way to do that. Prepare your outfits and prep your lunch boxes the night before. Order groceries online, schedule conference calls during a commute, run quick errands during lunch break to stay organized throughout the day.  

Make use of apps, planners and other useful resources which will help you keep track of the things-to-do and prevent you from forgetting important things. The baby’s schedule can be very unpredicatble and planning  ahead as much as you can will avoid last minute delays.

  1.    Find trustworthy child care-providers

Knowing that your child is in safe hands will give you the peace you seek, especially when at work. Opt for a quality daycare with a low teacher-to-child ratio, flexible hours, up-to-date licenses and a hygienic and spacious environment.

  1.    Keep communication open with your boss

As a working mom, you need to keep your schedules flexible and options open even at work as you never know when your child might get sick, have a doctor’s appointment or simply need you. Keeping communication open with your boss about your home scenario and how you might need to make some adjustments in your work schedule if need be, will help make life easy and more manageable for you.

  1.    Keep distractions at bay

Always be mindful of the time spent in socializing by limiting long lunch breaks, surfing the internet –to get the most out of your work time. This will help you stay efficient at work and finish it faster.

  1.    Create meaningful family activities

When you can take some time off work, you should try to make the most of it and plan interesting bonding activities to enjoy as a family. A weekly family game night, a simple picnic in the park; the options are countless and can help you bond with your babies.

  1.    Seek Help

As a working woman, it might get difficult for you to finish all the daily tasks yourself. If you can, designate some of the simple tasks to your spouse, family members or  and elder children. Never forget to appreciate your kids for their efforts at the end of the day.

  1.    Choose what to say yes to

You do not have to attend every single party invitation or activity which comes your way. Learn to prioritize and say yes to more of those functions which you can attend as a family.

  1.    Don’t stress

As a working mom, you demand more from yourself and want to ensure that everything is perfect for your family. Don’t put pressure on your own self. Let go of unnecessary stress and tension which lingers in your mind all day long. You are not alone in this.

Try these simple yet extremely effective ways to balance work and family! If you have tips of your own, please share them with other moms in the comments below. Take a look at 4 Pregnancy Body Types & How to Dress Them.