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How To Protect Baby’s Skin In The Winter?

How To Protect Baby’s Skin In The Winter?

The winter season brings with itself an ambience for warmth and comfort. But like everything, it has both pros and cons. Change in season can lead to skin dryness and increase chances of your baby falling sick. Newborns in their first few-months are more prone to eczema, chapped lips and rashes. While rashes are common, it is important to take care of them before they flare up into something serious. Newborn babies require constant care and nurturing and you have to go an extra mile to make sure your baby’s skin and health is in the best condition.

What things should you keep in mind to take care of your newborn in winter?

Babies have much more delicate skin due to which skin problems like eczema, rashes, flaky skin and chapped lips can get even worse during these cold months. Being vigilant about small things and taking a few extra steps will ensure that your little one is in the best health.

1. Maintaining suitable room temperatures

Room temperature plays a vital role in keeping your baby’s skin healthy. Too cold or hot temperatures can make your baby irritable and affect their sleep quality. Keep doors and windows closed but make sure it does not lead to lack of ventilation. Low temperature and chilly air can lead to skin dryness and even overheating can lead to skin rashes.

Using heaters and blowers can cause dryness on your baby’s skin and also in their nasal passages. Heaters tend to suck up all the moisture when they warm a room.

Use humidifiers and heaters to maintain room temperature. It is advisable to use humidifiers in extremely cold regions as it retains moisture in the air and ensures your baby’s skin doesn’t get dry.

2. Using natural baby care products

There are a plethora of problems in winter when it comes to skin, dryness sometimes reaches a point where the skin becomes patchy and your baby may even get a rash. The best option is to use natural baby products which are gentle on the skin and deeply moisturize it to prevent dryness. Rashes and flaky skin are likely to come up in areas which your baby perspires more like elbow creases or back of the knee.

Chapped lips in dry and cold weather are common but keeping your baby hydrated and moisturized can help you avoid it. It also wiser to go for fragrance-free products.

baby skincare

The Natural Baby Lotion by The Moms Co. has Organic Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Cocoa Butter that deeply moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. Along with it use a natural baby wash that has mild coconut-based cleansers to ensure your baby’s skin doesn’t dry out or become rough. 

3. Don’t restrict movements with heavy blankets and clothes

With the aim of keeping our baby warm, we tend to bundle them up in too many layers of clothes or cover them with heavy blankets when they are asleep. What we miss is the fact that all that weight restricts body movements. Overheating can also cause heat rashes on your baby’s skin. As a rule of thumb, dress your baby in one more layer than what you are wearing to ensure they stay warm and comfortable. 

4. Carefully choosing the fabrics and detergents

Fabrics like nylon and wool can cause skin irritation. Some babies have more sensitive skin than others and if you have a family history of eczema then you need to choose the fabrics for your baby’s clothes carefully. Another type of wool is merino wool, this is a much better option for your baby’s skin as it does not irritate your baby’s skin.

The detergents and laundry soaps you use can also make a difference. Chemical based detergents or highly-fragranced detergents can cause skin irritation and other adverse reactions, so it is better to go for baby-friendly detergents, which are toxin-free, fragrance free and natural. 

5. Don’t give long baths

Keep your baby’s skin short and simple. Use lukewarm water to bathe your baby and always test the temperature with your elbow before you start bathing your baby. Giving too frequent baths can strip your baby’s skin of moisture and lead to dryness. 

Use soap-free and tear-free products that are mild on your baby’s skin. Natural Baby Body Wash by The Moms Co. contains Avocado oil, Chamomile oil and Avocado oil which soften, nourish and moisturize the skin. After bath, gently pat your baby’s skin dry and immediately apply a natural baby lotion to seal in moisture. 

6. Use generous amounts of moisturizer

You need to make sure your baby’s skin is always moisturized. Hot baths and the overall dryness in air can cause dry skin in both babies and adults. Apply generous amounts of moisturizer after a bath and if the skin is too flaky then don’t be afraid to use more. Choose products that are baby-friendly, toxin free and dermatologically-tested.

Our Baby Face Cream and Natural Body Lotion are completely free of parabens and toxic chemicals. These products have Cocoa and Shea butter along with Vitamins A, F and E nourish your little one’s skin deeply. If your baby has extremely sensitive, dry and eczema-prone skin then the Natural Soothing Relief Lotion will help reduce dryness, rashes and itchiness. Enriched with Colloidal Oatmeal, Calendula Oil and Aloe Vera gel, the Natural Soothing Relief Lotion is clinically proven to keep skin moisturized for 24 hours. 

Which oil is best for baby skin in winter?

Natural oil massages are one of the best ways to relax your baby and strengthen their bones and muscles.  Your baby’s skin is thinner and more delicate than yours and loses moisture easily which leads to dryness. Giving your baby a massage will help them relax and is known to improve the quality of sleep. Massages also help you bond with your baby and get to know them in a better manner. 

Make sure you gently massage each and every part of the body, start off with a slow touch and gradually start using a firmer touch. The Natural Baby Massage Oil is a Australia-certified toxin-free product which contains 10 natural oils including Organic Jojoba, Almond, Sesame, Chamomile and Wheat Germ oils. Sesame oil has antibacterial properties and is a good choice for sensitive skin and Jojoba oil acts as a natural skin conditioner. It is one of the best oils for your baby in the winter season.

Give your baby head massages to prevent dryness of the scalp and keep the hair soft and nourished. The Natural Baby Hair Oil by The Moms Co. is 100% natural and chemical-free and is very mild and gentle on your baby’s scalp. It is completely paraben and mineral free and is made with a combination of 10 natural oils including Amla, Bhringraj, Coconut, Avocado and Argan oils to nourish and protect your baby’s hair and prevent dryness.  

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