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Winter Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow

How To Care For Your Hair In Winter

Just like the skin, the hair too needs protection! Wondering how to care for hair in winters? There are many winter hair care tips and hair care products that help to fix all the winter hair problems. Come winter season, hair dryness, flaky scalp, and winter hair fall become common hair issues in winters. Lack of moisture in the air, exposure to harsh elements, and change of temperature from heated indoors to cold outdoors can wreak havoc on your hair in winter. Dry hair is prone to damage, breakage, hair tangle, and hair fall in winter. Cold winter air can also result in scalp problems such as dandruff, dryness and itchiness. Now you know why dandruff comes in winter along with winter hair fall. But wondering what’s the best way to keep your hair healthy and prevent winter hair fall? Read on to find out!

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Hair Care Tips For Winter Season

During the winter season, your hair may seem dull, dry, limp, lifeless, and you may notice more hair fall in winter. Here are some tips you can incorporate into your winter hair care routine and keep your hair healthy and moisturized:

Drink lots of water

Cold winter weather can strip the natural moisture of your skin and hair. It’s essential to drink lots of water to replenish the lost moisture. Drinking lots of water is the foundation of hair care during winter. You should drink 8 ounces of water every day, it will ensure that your skin and hair are maintained hydrated and healthy.

Use warm water instead of hot water

Hot water can strip your hair of its natural oil and moisture, which can result in dryness, dandruff, itchiness, hair breakage and winter hair fall. Use warm water to cleanse your hair without making them prone to dryness. This is one of the most important hacks of winter care for hair.

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Cover your head

Cover your head with a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from environmental harshness, and minimize its exposure to cold air causing damaged hair in winter.

Use a humidifier

Adding humidity to your room during winters, ensures that your skin and hair doesn’t dry out easily. A humidifier helps add moisture to the air, helps you breath easily, and keeps dry skin conditions at bay. Limp hair, itchy skin, cracked lips and heels, skin allergies, rashes, scalp dryness, and dandruff during winter can all be checked with the use of a humidifier. But a humidifier is not a replacement for skin and hair care in winter. A humidifier will enhance your winter hair care, and is not an alternative to good hair care products and winter hair care regime.

Commit to a weekly hair mask

A weekly application of a DIY hair mask helps improve dry hair in winter. Hair masks add a protective layer to the hair strands, and lock the natural hair moisture:

  • Take a ripe banana and mash it.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of to it
  • Mix it to form a uniform consistency
  • Apply it on to the damp hair
  • Leave it for 30 minutes
  • Wash with warm water
  • Keep the hair covered after washing for 10 mins with a towel to let it dry naturally.

Comb carefully

Never comb the wet hair. Begin by detangling the hair ends and slowly detangle the hair length. Use a broad toothed comb, as it causes minimum hair breakage. Take your time to gently comb the hair, harsh strikes damage the hair.

Get regular trims

Trimming not only ensures good hair growth but also lessens hair fall in winter, and helps detangle the hair better. Getting regular hair trims reduces the appearance of split ends and checks frizzy hair.

Avoid heat styling

Heated tools and hair styling chemicals make the hair dry, dull, frizzy and damaged. Using heat styling makes the dry winter hair more dehydrated and limp. This can cause excessive hair fall in winter.

Take care of your diet

Diet plays the most important role in healing any body issue from within. A good diet rich in proteins, and essential fatty acids nourishes the skin, scalp and hair internally. This makes the hair follicles stronger, gives you shiny hair, and prevents dullness and dandruff in winter. Consume seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables that are rich in fibers, have a cup of yogurt or buttermilk everyday, add lentils, sprouts and fish to your winter hair care diet.

Always use a hair conditioner

A hair conditioner  smoothens the hair, makes it easier to manage hair in winter, reduces breakage and split ends, and protects the hair shaft from environmental damage. The hair cuticles that open up during hair wash and shampoo applications, get sealed back with the use of hair conditioner. This locks the nutrients and natural hair moisture and shields the hair from pollutants.

The Moms Co recommends the best natural hair conditioner:



Natural Protein Hair Conditioner is a completely natural and toxin-free product. It is made with the combination of Hydrolyzed Wheat and Silk Proteins, Argan Oil, Murumuru Seed Butter, Beetroot extract and Vitamins that deeply moisturize and repair the hair damage. Regular use of this conditioner makes the hair soft, frizz-free and smooth.

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Toxin-Free Natural Damage Repair Keratin Conditioner is enriched with Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil that repair hair damage, strengthens hair structure, adds shine and manageability to the hair. Shea Butter and Proteins form a protective layer around the hair, that protects the hair from any further damage.

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Deep condition once a week

To deeply condition the hair, apply hair conditioner to the hair strands at bedtime. Wash off the hair with cool water in the morning. You can add a hot oil massage to the scalp along with deep conditioning the hair during winters.

Use a hair oil 

Winter Hair oiling adds many benefits to your winter hair care and helps check the hair fall in winter. It hydrates and moisturizes the scalp and the hair strands, and improves blood circulation that strengthens the hair from roots. Best hair oil for winter should have ingredients like  natural oils from amla, bhringraj, coffee, and almond which keep the hair and scalp well-nourished.

The Moms Co recommends best natural hair oil:



Natural Hair Strengthening Oil by The Moms Co. is a combination of 8 natural oils including Amla, Bhringraj, Coffee and Tea Tree oils. It reduces hair fall and has proven to improve hair strength by 77%. Amla oil strengthens the roots while Bhringraj oil improves blood circulation and encourages hair growth, and coffee oil stimulates hair follicles for better growth.

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Use moisturizing shampoos

Use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. It’s important to choose a shampoo that addresses your hair concerns. If your primary hair concerns are dryness and frizziness then choose a shampoo with natural moisturizing ingredients. However, if you are struggling with excessive hair fall in winters, then it’s best to opt for a natural protein-rich shampoo with deep moisturizing ingredients that strengthen and nourish the hair from within. Choose natural shampoos which use coconut-based cleansers which gently clean the hair and scalp without leaving it dry.

The Moms Co recommends best natural hair shampoo:



Natural Protein Shampoo is a gentle cleanser made of coconut-base. Its natural proteins strengthen, moisturize and help reduce the damage caused by harsh chemicals, UV rays, dust and pollution. It does not take away the natural moisture of hair, and prevents them from drying, frizzing and breakage.

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Use a hair serum 

A serum has high concentrations of substances that are essential to target and treat the concern. Using a good natural hair serum regularly for your winter care for hair maintains hair luscious, shiny, smoothe, hydrated, frizz-free, tangle-free and healthy. It forms a protective layer on the hair follicles, and enhances the winter hair care regime. It is a must-have hair care product to control hair fall in winter.

The Moms Co recommends best natural hair serum:


The Moms Co.’s Natural Protein Hair Serum has the goodness of Moroccan Argan Oil, Wheat, Pea and Oat Proteins. It forms a layer on the hair strands which shields the hair from any damage from pollution, and hair styling chemicals and tools. It is India’s first silicone-free serum that protects, repairs, and smoothens hair.

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Good winter hair care regime prevents hair damage and winter hair fall. Shiny, silky, and healthy hair are a dream come true. Hence, it is important to take care of the hair in winters.

Caring for your hair in the winter season


How Often Should You Wash Hair In Winter?

While it’s best to wash your hair 1-2 times a week, you can wash your hair more often if it is exposed to dust, dirt and pollution. When washing your hair, use warm water instead of hot water as hot water can strip your hair of natural oils. Use a chemical-free and toxic-free shampoo that is made of all natural ingredients like the moms co NATURAL PROTEIN SHAMPOO. 

How can I oil my hair in winter? 

A healthy winter care for hair must include hair oil:

  • Massage the scalp with an all natural best hair oil for winters.
  • Let it absorb into the scalp for at least 3 hours, you may leave it overnight.
  • Then wash your hair with chemical-free shampoo and warm water.
  • Apply the best hair conditioner to lock the hair moisture.

Using a natural hair oil will ensure that your hair and scalp are moisturized and get the essential nutrients required to stay healthy and nourished. Oiling your hair in the winter season will also help reduce hair breakage and prevent split ends. A natural hair oil, when massaged on to the scalp, can help improve blood circulation and strengthen your hair roots. This in turn encourages hair growth. Hair oils with natural oils such as Moroccan Argan Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil nourish dry hair, and restores hair softness and shine. Use THE MOMS CO NATURAL HAIR STRENGTHENING OIL as it is the best hair oil for winters.

Does cold weather cause hair breakage? 

Cold air in the winter season saps away moisture from the hair strands and scalp, leaving them dry and flaky. Sulfate-based shampoos also strip the hair moisture. This can lead to hair breakage and hair damage as your hair can tangle easily.

Which oil is best for hair fall in winter?

When it comes to choosing the right hair oil for the winter season, it’s best to go for an oil that’s free from harmful chemicals and toxins, mineral oil and artificial fragrances. These ingredients can cause build up on the scalp, weigh down hair strands and can even irritate the scalp. It’s best to choose natural oils to nourish your scalp and hair; however , every natural oil has its own unique properties. Using a combination of natural oils can ensure that your hair and scalp get optimum benefits. Traditionally, Amla and Bhringraj hair oil have been known to strengthen hair and prevent hair fall. Bhringraj oil also promotes blood circulation which encourages hair growth. Tea Tree oil, with its potent anti-fungal properties, is known to prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. Coffee oil is known to stimulate hair follicles which promotes hair growth. Oils like Moroccan Argan and Pumpkin Seed moisturize and hydrate the hair follicles, making them important to combat dryness. These oils also help soften dry hair which helps prevent hair breakage and split ends. Using a combination of these natural oils will help strengthen, nourish and moisturize your hair. THE MOMS CO NATURAL HAIR STRENGTHENING OIL is made from all these natural oils, is totally chemical-fee and is also dermatologically-tested, hence it is the best hair oil for hair fall in winter.

Flaunting healthy and bouncy hair is a fantasy fulfilled. Be consistent with your winter hair care, add the best hair oil for winters, stay hydrated and eat right to maintain your hair, replenish the lost nutrition, repair the damaged hair in winter, and curb the winter hair fall.

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