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The Perfect Winter Skincare Routine, for Winter-Ready Skin

The winter season gives a new start to your daily routine– the bed feels cozier, the morning coffee sets you up for the day and sometimes, the evening coffee is exchanged for a cup of hot chocolate to keep you warmed up. But even when everything is warm and sweet during this season, without a proper winter skincare routine, it brings along skin concerns like dry, cracked skin, flaky lips, and more. Because of the lack of humidity, the air dries up, resulting in moisture chipping away from your skin. 

And in a season where we yearn to be under the sun the most, exposure to sunlight for long hours breaks down collagen, causing sunspots, sagginess and so much more. 

To help you make the best of the winter season, let The Moms Co. guide you through the essential components in a Winter Skincare Routine that’ll help your skin retain moisture for longer, avoid flaky-itchy skin, instead get natural, glowing skin. 

Is a Winter Skincare Routine Really Necessary? 

100% yes. To ensure your skin is moisturized and doesn’t appear flaky, ideally, one would buy a moisturizer, but is it really enough? Winter is undeniably harsh on the skin, which is why, a particular skincare routine during winter is a must for healthy, hydrated skin. 

Here’s what an ideal winter skincare routine should include: 

Sulphate-Free Face Wash

A normal face wash every day will keep your skin clean from dirt, pollutants, and other bacteria, but most often, these face washes contain sulphate. They can deprive your skin of natural oils, leaving behind dry-flaky skin because of the naturally dry winter air. 

Therefore, a sulphate-free face wash is essential in a winter skincare routine. Go for a natural, toxin-free face wash that helps cleanse the skin gently and is a great hydrating ingredient. The Moms Co. has a wide range of natural, dermatologically tested, toxin-free & sulphate-free face wash suited for all skin types. 

Face Serum

Since Face Serums are lighter, they majorly and most importantly, help in nourishing and restoring your skin from within. A Face serum rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C  & other natural ingredients will help draw moisture to the skin and further retain it for a longer period.  We have a range of completely natural, chemical-free, toxin-free, and dermatologically tested face serums that provide ample benefits to your skin.

The Natural Ceramide Face Serum works effectively in rebuilding the barrier to protect your skin, and keep it hydrated with rich qualities of Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Vitamin E and Rice Water. 

Under Eye Cream

The harsh, cold weather causes the natural hydrating quality to dry off from your skin, giving way to puffiness and wrinkles. That, added to the stress from your daily life, resulting in sleeplessness, tiredness and much more can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. In such situations, adding a Natural Under Eye Cream made with Chamomile Oil and Niacinamide in your Winter Skincare Routine is ideal, and will help fight wrinkles, dark circles, and puffy under eyes. 

Made with natural Coffee and Chamomile Oil, the Natural Under Eye Cream by The Moms Co. helps reduce dark circles, signs of aging, and swelling and depuffs the under-eye area, all-in-one.  

Moisturizing Cream/Lotion

 If you want your skin to fight off winter dryness, itching, and flaking with a few easy steps, then adding a moisturizing cream or lotion to your winter regime is a must. 

Some of the best components to look for in a moisturizing cream or lotion are Ceramides, Rice water, Vitamin C, Bakuchiol (a natural, healthier alternative to Retinol), and other natural ingredients because they help in the deep moisturization and collagen formation of your skin. Clinically Tested for 72 Hours of Moisturization, our Natural Ceramide Face Cream rebuilds damaged skin barrier & accelerates its repair. It retains moisture and blocks environmental damage and works best for all skin types, especially in winter.


Sunscreens are not just Summer products. They’re 365 days essentials. Prolonged exposure to sunlight during winter can result in collagen breakdown which can make skin dull and dry. A sunscreen’s job is to protect your skin from the after-effects of collagen breakdown, and the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays which can cause premature aging. 

With the Natural Daily Sunscreen by The Moms Co., you can be sure of a non-sticky, lightweight, no-white-cast mineral Sunscreen. It not only provides protection against UV rays and UV-B rays but also prevents redness, and dark spots and fights pigmentation.

Lip Balms

One of the easiest steps to incorporate into your skincare routine is using a hydrating Lip Balm. Winters cause your lips to dry up quickly and very often, which is why it is essential to have a Lip Balm handy everywhere you go. Get a product that is rich in Vitamin E, and Shea Butters, these will nourish your lips and effectively repair chapped lips. Made with nourishing ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter with hints of cherry, The Moms Co.’s range of nutrient-packed Natural Lip Balms will help you deeply nourish and hydrate chapped lips.


Q: Which face cream is best in winter?

A: The range of Face creams made with natural ingredients by The Moms Co. is the best in line for the Winter season. Dermatologically tested and toxin-free, the face creams can help you with your concerns. 

Q: Can face serum be used in winter?

A: Yes. While the harsh weather conditions during this season can cause your skin to dry up and appear flaky, the Face Serums Range by The Moms Co. can help you fight those winter concerns and make the best of this season.  

While having a proper skincare routine down for use, it is important to understand that with the changing seasons, your skincare routines should change as well. Even though the winter season brings harsh weather and typical skin problems, the skincare routines don’t have to be over-complicated. It can be simple, yet effective if you follow a few simple steps mentioned above, that’ll potentially suit your skin type. 

With the must-haves given by us in this blog, you can rest assured this winter season, and get clear, hydrated, and even-toned skin with a few simple additions to your skincare routine. 

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