4 Pregnancy Body Types & How to Dress Them

4 Pregnancy Body Types & How to Dress Them

When shopping during pregnancy, I was happily surprised to see the market flooded with some very trendy maternity clothes. And not just that, there were clothes available specific to my pregnancy body type. I was happy to know that I could flaunt my baby bump in style! Broadly speaking, there are four pregnancy body types. In this post, we will discuss how to dress up the expecting moms as per their body types, such that they are not just comfortable, but also look trendy.

Pregnancy Body Types and what they should wear

#Type1: Body weight is evenly distributed

In this pregnant body type, women gain weight evenly through the body, and not just the belly. If you fall under this category, use soft fabrics that are gentle against your skin. Pick comfortable clothes with long silhouettes, which accentuate your baby bump, while allowing you to move with ease. You can choose leggings made of breathable fabrics. Team it with long tops/tunics and cardigans for an elegant and stylish look. You could also opt for knee-length dresses that elongate your figure and make you look slimmer.

#Type 2: If you are ‘carrying low’

Carrying low refers to pregnancy where your baby bump is just above your hip – sitting low on the belly. Pick clothes that do not put too much pressure on your waist. You could pair your jeans with a long top, and add a shrug or a cropped jacket to even out the silhouette. I too was carrying low and I loved to wear my black jumpsuit. Trust me; I got so many compliments for my adorable-to-be-mamma style.

#Type 3: If you are carrying high

So your belly is nice & round? Well, you could adopt some cool maternity dressing styles, like skirts that define the line between your belly and bust. Also, maxis are a super comfy pick that look good and compliment your pregnant body. I would recommend wrap-around skirts too, as they are easy to drape and focus on the waistline.

#Type 4: Petite body type

Some women gain weight only at the belly and the rest of the body retains a tiny frame. Lucky them!! Pregnant mommies with a petite frame can wear any attire, though loose-fitting clothes do not typically compliment a petite body type. Wear body-fitting clothes that accentuate your figure. You can have fun and experiment with different styles like skinny jeans or figure-hugging tops with parallel pants. My pick? Bodycon dresses would look super cute; horizontal stripes and graphics are sure a big hit!

These nine months of pregnancy does not mean you have to give up looking trendy and stylish. Depending on the above mentioned pregnancy body types, do indulge in the latest maternity wear available in the market. You are a gorgeous to-be-mom and believe me, selecting the best kind of maternity wear that suits your body type, will make you feel beautiful inside out. Also take a look at best Foods for Breastfeeding Moms.

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