5 Common Misconceptions about Stretch Marks and their Preventions

5 common misconceptions about stretch marks and its preventions

Stretch marks have so many notions built around them that people think every mom gets them, and you cannot get rid of them. Well, research states otherwise. According to multiple pieces of research, stretch marks are not just limited to pregnancy, and neither are they limited to just weight gain.

Stretch marks can appear on anyone’s skin under certain conditions. But that’s about the research; today, we are here to discuss the common misconceptions about stretch marks (there are many!) and their precautions. Here’s the Bonus – We’ve also attached the link to our dermatologically tested stretch marks removal cream at the end of the blog, which works magic on stretch marks. 


1. Only Pregnant Women get Stretch Marks

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions. Stretch marks are not just limited to pregnant women. Pregnancy does bring specific physical and hormonal changes to the body that increase the chances of stretch marks, but stretch marks are not limited to pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the skin around the tummy and glutes stretches due to the tummy bulk, which is the main reason for stretch marks. However, women who are not pregnant also get stretch marks due to reasons like sudden weight change, improper diet, among others. 

2. Stretch Marks Appear Only Around the Tummy

There’s another widespread misconception, i.e., stretch marks appear only around the tummy. Again, that’s a NO! Although, understandably, women think pregnancy would cause stretch marks just around the tummy, but that’s just not it.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body; the most common areas are the tummy, the buttocks, knees, thighs, and front shoulders. They are also unrelated to pregnancy, i.e., they can appear during sudden weight gain, puberty, and other hormonal changes.

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3. Weight gain is the main reason behind Stretch Marks

Sudden weight gain is one of the reasons behind stretch marks, but it is not the main reason. This misconception is very common because women tend to undergo significant weight changes during puberty, and pregnancy and stretch marks appear during these times very often.

But besides weight gain, reasons like deficiency of Vitamin C, D, and E or lack of hydration might cause stretch marks under certain circumstances.

4. Stretch Marks do not go away

Biggest Misconception!! Stretch Marks may be hard to get rid off but they do go away, given you treat them right. Using stretch marks removal creams, maintaining a nutrition-rich diet, and keeping yourself hydrated can help reduce stretch marks.

We at The Moms Co. have our very own Natural stretch marks bundle that helps in removing stretch marks. This stretch marks bundle helps reduce both stretch marks caused during weight gain and pregnancy stretch marks. It has a Natural Stretch Oil & Natural Body butter that takes care of your stretch marks and is clinically proven to keep skin moisturized for 24 hrs. Although older stretch marks are harder to remove by OTC treatment, they can be removed using laser treatments. 

5. Only weight loss can remove stretch marks

Imagine having your skin stretched to the extent that marks appear and then losing weight. Can you even picture stretch marks vanishing all by themselves? No, right? So, this is another misconception that weight loss removes stretch marks. 

Yes, losing weight using a healthy diet and using natural stretch marks removal products together can definitely help, but just losing weight won’t do any good.


We’ve discussed the five most common misconceptions about stretch marks, now let’s talk about preventing them from appearing. 

1. Control Weight

Weight control plays the most important role in the prevention of stretch marks. As we’ve discussed above, sudden weight gain is one of the reasons behind stretch marks; if you maintain a healthy diet, you can avoid stretch marks altogether.

Now, weight control during pregnancy can be a challenge, but make sure you eat well, stay hydrated and feed the right nutrients to your skin too which includes using OTC products that have Sea Buckthorn & Rosehip oils – for collagen synthesis allowing body to stretch without causing the tears.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water can help prevent so many diseases, and disorders and stretch marks are one of them. But staying hydrated doesn’t only mean keeping a good fluid intake. In this case, it also means keeping your skin hydrated as well. 

Keep your skin moisturized and drink at least 8-9 glasses of water every day to ensure that your body is hydrated. 

3. Eat Nutrition Rich Diet

You must include collagen-boosting and skin-friendly food in your diet as these keep your skin hydrated from within and prevent stretch marks. Besides this, you can also include Vitamin C, one of the most beneficial vitamins for your skin. 

Adding Vitamin D and E can help increase the skin repairing metabolism and promote healthy cell growth. All in all, a nutrition-rich diet will ensure that your skin gets all the natural nutrients it needs and prevent stretch marks from appearing.


Now that we’re done with the misconceptions and prevention of stretch marks, here’s the most critical point – the Cure. So, here’s the deal, you can control the occurrence of stretch marks. The easiest way to manage stretch marks is to try and control their occurrence in the first place and you can do this by following the points mentioned above and adding a stretch marks removal cream or bundle to your routine.

Stretch marks removal bundle

What’s the Stretch marks removal bundle?

The stretch marks bundle by The Moms Co. comes packed with natural stretch oil and body buttercream.

The body butter cream made with cocoa butter and shea butter is clinically lab-tested to provide 24 hours of moisturization and help in itchy and stretchy skin.

The natural stretch oil combines seven powerful oils, including Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip oils, that support collagen growth and improve skin elasticity.

5 Common Misconceptions and its preventions - infographic

Both these products are toxin-free and are suitable for both mom-to-be and postpartum mothers. This bundle is a part of our effort towards creating a range of toxin-free, natural products for moms.

That’s it for today!

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