5 household Chores You Must Avoid in Pregnancy

5 household Chores You Must Avoid in Pregnancy

We, women, are the nodal points in the family and it’s amazing how we master the art of pampering others. But when it comes to taking care of ourselves?? Ummm, we are yet to learn that. Pregnancy could be the right time to take real good care of ourselves. After all, our single body has two lives. There are no guidelines or safe limits established by experts during pregnancy. Admittedly, there is too much inflow of advice at this time. And I’m sure it leaves you confused and tired. Backaches, swollen ankles, weight gain, and some health problems limit our movements and working capacities in pregnancy.  It’s time to ease up the workload and delegate the household chores in pregnancy to others.

Here is a list of strenuous household chores that must be avoided in pregnancy.

1. Avoid lifting heavy loads Do not try your hand at lifting or shifting bulky furniture. Avoid lifting heavy grocery bags that will put a strain on your belly or back. Lifting groceries bags and buckets of water, or moving the gas cylinder, these are strenuous activities that you should completely avoid. Sometimes these activities lead to premature labor, rupture of the amniotic sac or excessive bleeding.

2. Ladders should be avoided Your belly is protruding out and the ankle is swollen, so obviously you have a tougher time balancing your gait. At this stage, climbing ladders can make you lose your balance and is definitely not a good idea .Wait for people and look for assistance, I am sure things can wait.

3. Avoid Harsh chemicals Cleaning products like bleaches and chemicals could be harsh for you. If it is an absolute must, wear gloves, use milder products or resort to natural cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar. These readymade cleaning agents contain noxious fumes that could surpass you but will be harmful to your baby. And yes, do not clean the cat litter as it contains parasites that may cause infections in the fetus. Toxic chemicals are an absolute NO.

4. Avoid bending Any chore that involves forward bending should be avoided. Sweeping, mopping, or bending over to lift items might put extra strain on your back and cause injury. Seek the help of others in performing these tasks. It is a better idea to crouch instead of bending forward.

5. Avoid standing for long periods Put a chair in the kitchen to sit while performing the daily chores. Standing for long hours will put extra strain on your knees and ankles. Sit and chop vegetables and fruits. Tasks like operating the vacuum while standing should also be avoided as it puts too much strain on your back. And if at all you develop tired and swollen feet, massage them with a pleasant smelling foot cream. Movement and activity keep women healthy during pregnancy. But overstrain and exertion could lead to serious complications. It is best to avoid activities that may cause harm to your baby’s health and If feasible, employ extra helping hands for daily activities. If you feel overtired, ASK for help. Tell your husband, kids, and family to lend you a helping hand. Take a look at 9 things you should never say to a new Mom!.

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