6 Important Tips to Combat Stress During Pregnancy

6 Important Tips to Combat Stress During Pregnancy

Few months into my pregnancy and there were days when I was just going to give up. But that simple hug and the adorable smile of my elder kid looking at her ballooned mom just made me melt. ‘Things do get better, just hold on’, I re-assured myself. Stress and pregnancy never get along.

When I was expecting, even small worries seemed to blow out of proportion. As the hormones are super active in expectant moms, it’s natural to keep worrying about what we eat, drink, feel, do and more. Fatigue, swollen ankles, weight gain, and frequent urination, all add to our pregnancy woes. Fretting, however, should not take its toll on your health. Having been there and survived it with dignity, I offer some simple tips to help you manage your stress levels better in pregnancy.

1. Yoga and breathing exercises

Experts have been repeatedly emphasizing the benefits of yoga and meditation. Meditation is calming and relieves stress by pacifying the mind. Select a peaceful space in the house – to meditate to reduce stress and relax. Try performing simple yoga exercises as advised by your health expert. Remember, do not overstrain yourself while performing these yoga poses, they should be easy an1. d simple to perform. Breathing techniques and meditation will calm your nervous system and instill you with a feeling of grounding and control.

2. Rest

Overworked, stressed, and tired- It’s time to rest. Take some time off and lie down, relax your overworked body.-Take out time to do things that lifts your spirits. A foot massage or a hair spa, take your pick and just go for it.

3. Muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation can be a combined mix of breathing techniques, light exercises, and massage. Get yourself a spa therapy appointment and indulge! Look out for a trained prenatal massage therapist. Massage relaxes the muscles and is a great therapy for easing tensions. Not all massage techniques are suitable for expecting moms, so consult a specialist before getting the massage done.. You can also lie down in a room in a state of complete solace to relax your body muscles. Feel each part of your body muscles relax and breathe deeply to release the tension.

4. Go to bed on time

Maintain a timely schedule. Apart from the meals, sleep should be on time. 8 hours of sleep is a must in pregnancy and go for an afternoon siesta if your body demands so. Our body is working overtime in this phase and hence it needs adequate sleep to rejuvenate and regain control.

5. Avoid negativity

Happiness is indeed the best therapy. Eat good food, put on your favorite dress and listen to the peppy musical number. Negative people and depressing talks can take a backseat.

Laugh a lot and pursue the hobby you’ve always wanted to do.

Create something new. It is sure to make you feel good.

Go for a date with your partner, relax, and chill out.

Do consult your doctor if you feel something is not right.

6. Planning is vital

From conception to delivery, the entire phase could be stressful for mothers who have to manage everything themselves. So, plan out things in advance. Packing for the hospital, post-delivery baby care essentials, and other nick knacks should be planned in advance. Keep your medicines and other important things handy and inform your caretakers about it. Your friends and family will be your biggest support.

Working Women and pregnancy

We are no superpowers, and managing work and home together is not an easy task. Anxiety and stress levels could be higher in working women. Your ‘body’ demands your attention but so do the pending office files. Alas, so how do we cope up with the workload? Well again, it is important to plan your schedules in advance. And work or not, health comes first, so do your daily round of yoga and meditation to embrace a happy and stress-free day! When things do not go your way, just take a deep breath; stress during pregnancy is unhealthy. So, do things that you like and it’s OK to be selfish at times.