6 Myths About Baby Care: Busted!

6 Myths About Baby Care: Busted!

As a new mom, you are constantly exposed to a wave of advice about how to take care of your baby. Whether it’s the Internet, fellow parents or your relatives, everyone has a piece of advice to give you when it comes to baby care. But what’s tricky is to find out how many of them actually work. You will be shocked to know that some very common practices and beliefs about baby care are actually just ‘myths’ and hold no ground scientifically.

Today we break the bubble, moms! So get ready to bust those baby care myths for your little one the right way.

1. Myth: Want to make your baby sleep? – Feed (your baby) and repeat!

Fact: You must have heard this one a lot of times. Guess what? Getting your baby to sleep through tummy filling is not the solution. In fact, pediatricians say that some parents might get lucky in getting their baby to sleep by feeding and that’s a mere coincidence! Studies suggest that although cereals might act as a catalyst to sleep for some babies, it is not true for all of them.

Many parents complain that their babies are not sleeping during the night and seek answers to this problem. Next time you’re worrying, consult your doctor about this problem. Here’s some more information on this: https://sleep.org/articles/top-off-with-milk-or-formula-to-help-your-baby-sleep/

2. Myth: Your baby has a fever- you are not supposed to bathe her!

Fact: It is believed that when you bathe a baby with fever, their body temperature will increase. But did you know, it’s the exact opposite that happens?

When you bathe your baby with lukewarm to warm water, the body temperature decreases which help in reducing the fever. But remember to dry your baby with a towel, immediately after.

However, do note that it is not advisable to shower your baby again and again. Instead, you can wipe your baby’s body with a lukewarm wet towel, a sponge bath i.e. and certainly reach out to your doctor,if fever persists.
Learn more about taking care of your baby during fever on https://www.webmd.com/children/features/fever-care-young-children#1

3. Myth: Oil massages are an age-old practice and don’t really do any good.

Fact: Oil massages are still considered to be one of the best therapies for babies, by doctors and grandmas alike. Massaging your baby with oil helps in blood circulation, assists in the process of flexibility and helps in strengthening bones.

It’s recommended that you massage your baby yourself – it will facilitate bonding between the two of you. Also, a warm bath after the oil massage can help your baby sleep soundly (refer to pt. 1). We would suggest a wholesome massage for your little one with our Natural Baby Massage Oil and following up with a nice warm bath with our Baby Body Wash – it could work wonders with your baby’s body and mind! You can read more about why oil massages are good for your baby on https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a1042915/massaging-your-baby

4. Myth: Your baby must poop every day.

Fact: Oh no, Moms! No need to add to the pressure on your little babies. One of the biggest misconceptions you may have is that your baby needs to poop every day. They actually might skip a day sometimes and that’s all right; contrary to popular belief, not pooping every day is NOT a sign of constipation. Likewise, soft poo is not a sign of stomach irritation. Breastfed babies might have a soft poo and it is completely normal.  However, definitely speak to your doctor if that happens repeatedly. Read more about this on https://www.babycenter.com/404_how-many-bowel-movements-should-a-newborn-have-in-one-day_10014.bc

5. Myth: Don’t pick up your baby every time she cries, it’ll spoil her!

Fact: No! It won’t. It’s common for you to think that picking up your crying baby, might spoil their habits. Truth is, crying is a way of communication for babies and picking them up is an acknowledgment of their needs.

In fact, not picking them up when they’re crying might leave a subconscious emotional scar on their minds, as they grow up. Understanding the cues of your baby is what strengthens the bond between the two of you. So love as you will, moms, without any compromise! You can read more about this myth along with some tips to soothe your crying baby onhttps://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/features/infants-attention#1

6. Myth: Your baby definitely needs a walker to take those first steps.

Fact: These days most parents are of the notion that their babies can start taking those first steps only with the help of a walker, or at least faster, with it. But NONE of that is true. A baby can learn to walk naturally just as other babies have, for generations now.

In fact, using a walker might even be counterproductive. Since babies are not able to see their legs while walking with a walker, there are high chances that they might trip and fall, causing serious injury to themselves. Read more about this on https://www.babycenter.in/x554838/should-i-buy-my-baby-a-baby-walker

Here’s the word, moms – let your babies start walking whenever and however they want to. It is always recommended not to let your tiny ones feel any pressure to achieve milestones.

So yes, you will always be surrounded by a plethora of suggestions, baby care myths and advice, but remember only you can know what’s works best for your baby. Also, your doctor is always there to help you.

Till then, here’s to you myth-busters!

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