7 awesome pregnancy gift ideas for the mom-to-be

7 awesome pregnancy gifts for the mom-to-be

A woman loves to get pampered, and when she is expecting…she truly deserves all the love and attention. Shower her with gifts and compliments that make her feel beautiful. While shopping for an expectant mom would be difficult, try and buy a pregnancy gift that looks after her from head to toe (well I mean literally). Yes, you can indulge in some comfortable maternity wear, informative books or journals, and amazing natural skincare products for pregnancy that are safe yet effective for skin woes.

Let’s find out what pregnancy gift options are best suited for the mom-to-be:

Informative books and pregnancy journal

For a first time mom, it would be great to gift a book on pregnancy. It will be her best friend and guide in those nine months. Few of my top picks were What to Expect when you are expecting, Mayo Clinic’s Guide to Healthy Pregnancy, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.

I also loved reading stories in my pregnancy and mythological tales were my favourite. Gift the mom-to-be an interesting storybook that she enjoys in her leisure time.

Pregnancy Journal

There are some amazing pregnancy journals available in the market. The mom can record her pregnancy experiences and details about the baby development in those nine months. A pregnancy journal is the best way to express your joys, fears, hopes and aspirations in those nine months and it’s a treasure for a lifetime.

Pregnancy photoshoot

Hurray! your best friend is pregnant and you want to do something special for her. While throwing a party for a baby shower has become a norm, why not gift her something different. A pregnancy photoshoot! Yes, a day when the mom-to-be will be in the ‘spotlight’ and can get lovely pictures clicked showing off her baby bump. Isn’t that a great gift from friends to make the mom feel like an absolute diva.

The Moms-to-be Complete Care Gift Set

The Moms co. Gift Sets for Moms to Be and New Moms is becoming a top pick among friends as a  Baby Shower Gift.

This care kit Includes:

    • Natural Body Wash
    • Natural Body Butter
    • Natural Body Oil
    • Natural Foot cream
    • And a free gift box.

So you see, it’s a complete package for a mom-to be, lovingly put together and sent along with a personalized letter to the mom.  All products are Natural and Clinically Tested. The skin undergoes hormonal changes in this phase and requires proper care and nourishment.

Lets see what this skincare kit contains:-

Natural Body wash

While hygiene and personal care is essential for a pregnant mom, she should also feel fresh and energetic. The orange, ginger and spearmint essential oils help mom to be feel fresh and added moisturisers help in keeping the dryness at bay.     

Natural Stretch oil  

Combination of 7 powerful oils, Stretch marks oil helps prevent the fine lines from appearing and this non-greasy oil gets easily absorbed into the epidermal layers, keeping the skin soft and supple.

Natural Body Butter

This Body Butter Cream is enriched with the goodness of shea and cocoa butter with oils like Seabuckthorn, Rosehip and Natural Vitamin E that  moisturize the stretching, dry skin for long keeping the itchiness at bay and leaving the skin feel heavily moisturized.

Natural Foot cream

This was always my favorite pick. The natural foot cream from The Moms Co., specially formulated with pregnancy-safe ingredients, is a complete foot spa for the mom-to-be. This foot cream has

essential minerals and nutrients that soothe aching feet while keeping the skin moisturized.  And if it smells good…what better care would a pregnant mom ask for?

Maternity wear

When we are pregnant, clothes constantly keep outgrowing us! A mom-to-be wants to feel beautiful, while still being comfortable in her skin. That’s a tough combination, but if you hunt, I’m sure you will manage to lay your hands on some smart yet comfy maternity clothes. A nice dress or a pair of stylish pants with a maternity top are great picks. And if the mom swears by comfort right now, buy her a set of pyjamas to keep her cool throughout the day.

Maternity Sleeping pillow

Sleeping is an arduous task in the later stages of pregnancy. It becomes impossible to get a sound sleep, owing to the discomfort caused by the growing belly.  Gift the pregnant mom a sleeping pillow that provides rest and support to her back, hips, and belly. A mommy who gets adequate sleep is a happy mommy.

Caffeine free teas to control heartburn

While some women love tea, they need to avoid caffeine in pregnancy . So it’s good news for moms who are suffering from acidity and nausea in pregnancy. Gift for a mom-to-be a caffeine-free pregnancy tea that not only relieves heartburn and acidity; it satiates her tea cravings. The Tea For Acidity Relief from The Moms Co. is made with the blend of herbs that soothe the digestive system.


Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life, make this time even more special by ensuring she is comfortable and well looked after. Pamper and look after her till she feels like a princess…umm…..well, a queen.  After all a happy Mommy makes a happy baby.