Best Anti Stretch Marks Products That Actually Works.

Momsco Stretch oil

Stretch marks are a normal occurrence on both men’s and women’s skin. Stretch marks are very common during pregnancy and are narrow, streak-like lines that can develop on the surface of the skin. Stretching and growing bellies often rob the skin of its natural moisture leading to dryness, itching, and stretch marks. It usually occurs in arms, stomach, legs, and chest. There are several products in the marketplace that reduce stretch marks. The best anti stretch marks products are made of natural ingredients and are toxin-free. Anti stretch marks products help improve skin elasticity and control stretch marks. 

Best Anti-Stretch Mark Products

It is very essential to choose safe, toxin-free, and dermatologically tested pregnancy care products. Listing down some amazing products that can be chosen for reducing stretch marks

1- Natural Stretch Marks Oil

The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil  is a rich combination of 7 Natural Oils & Vitamin E to increase your skin’s natural elasticity and control the appearance of stretch marks. This non-greasy oil quickly absorbs into the skin and soothes itchiness. Our Natural Stretch oil is priced at Rs. 393 and is free from toxins, sulphates and is dermatologically tested. 

2- Natural Body Butter

Our Natural Body Butter is a rich combination of Cocoa and Shea Butter with moisturizing oils that increase your skin’s natural elasticity, providing comfort to your stretching belly, hips and breasts. It is clinically tested to provide 24 hours moisturization. All products by The Moms Co. are Australia-certified toxin-free, Australia Allergy Certified and Dermatologically Tested, PeTA Certified Cruelty Free. The amazing body butter is priced at Rs. 699. 

3- Stretch Marks Bundle

The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Mark Bundle with the Natural Body Butter and Natural Stretch Oil work together to soothe & moisturize itchy and dry skin, build collagen and heal wounds and scars. The products are dermatologically tested and safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The amazing bundle of both body butter and stretch oil is priced at Rs. 822.

No matter what your skin type is, The Moms Co. has a wide range of pregnancy care products that are Dermatologically-tested, Australia Certified Toxin-free, Made safe, and Allergy Free. Our effective products are made with love without compromising on ingredients and safety. We keep a critical eye while choosing the ingredients and making the best pregnancy care products.


Q: Do stretch mark creams actually work?

Stretch marks may not have a full-proof cure, but there are ways that can help minimise their formation and appearance. One should apply them early on, from the third month of pregnancy, and continue using them till 6 months after delivery to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Massage the Natural Stretch Marks Oil gently into your skin for it to be more effective. 

Q: Can You Prevent Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks occur naturally during pregnancy. It can be prevented by the usage of the amazing Stretch Marks Bundle. The Moms Co.  Natural Stretch Mark Bundle is a combination of Natural Stretch Oil and Natural Body Butter which  soothe & moisturize itchy and dry skin, build collagen and heal wounds and scars.

Q: What else can you do to treat stretch marks?

The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil and Natural Body Butter are the best solution to treat stretch marks. Other than this dermatologists use Chemical peel, Laser therapy, and Microdermabrasion procedures to make stretch marks less noticeable.  

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