Benefits of Baby Hair Massage

Benefits of Baby Hair Massage

You may think that all babies are born with the same amount of hair but that’s far from the truth. Some babies are born with a head full of hair, some with sparse hair and some with average amounts of hair. The hair texture, length and volume vary from baby to baby. While you probably know the benefits of giving your baby a body massage, no massage is complete without a head massage. So when should you start massaging your baby’s head and is it okay to use a hair oil for massage? What are the best hair oils for baby hair massage and their benefits for your baby? We answer these questions and more in this article. 

Is it okay to put baby oil in a newborn’s hair?

The soft scalp of your newborn baby might make you question- is my baby ready for a head massage? They certainly are ready to enjoy the benefits of a good hair massage. The key is to be gentle and use soft strokes. If your baby doesn’t like having her head touched then stop massaging her head and wait for her to grow a little older before trying it again. A newborn’s head has soft bones which haven’t fused yet. These are known as fontanelle and they are located at the top and back of the head. The back fontanelle closes by the time your baby is 6 weeks old but the one on the top closes when your baby is 18 months old. Hence, for the first six weeks, avoid applying any pressure on your baby’s head while giving a massage. Instead, gently pat the oil on your baby’s head and let the oil get soaked into the skin. Once your baby’s bones harden, you can gently apply pressure and move your fingers in circular motions on your baby’s head.

If your baby is young and cannot hold up their head on their own just yet then lie them on their back and put the oil on the head. This will prevent any excess oil from falling on the baby’s face and keep them comfortable.

A proper baby hair care regime involves oiling, washing, drying and combing the hair. Washing with a tear-free, natural shampoo that’s Sulfate-free can clean the scalp and reduce hair loss without stripping the hair of moisture. Drying and combing needs to be gentle as well to avoid pulling out your baby’s hair. Your baby’s skin and hair are delicate and it’s best to use natural baby products that are safe and gentle for your little one.

Finding an effective massage technique that doesn’t make your baby cry is a dream come true. So, experiment on a set of massaging ways that will calm your baby as you continue. 

There are various benefits of a hair massage with a nourishing and moisturising baby hair oil. Some of them are:

  • Increased Blood Circulation:

Massaging the scalp with oil increases the blood circulation and moisturizes the scalp. It promotes hair growth. 

  • Good texture:

A hair oil massage can improve the texture of a baby’s hair- making it shinier, silkier and healthier. An oil rich with antioxidants and vitamins help in maintaining the Keratin Protein which is naturally present in our hair strands.

  • Improves hair growth:

Hair massage is highly beneficial in accelerating the growth of hair and keeping the hair follicles nourished.

  • Healthy Scalp:

Scalps can build up a lot of dirt and greasiness from the constant exposure to dust and pollution. Massaging with an antioxidant enriched hair oil helps keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair damage while providing protection from external agents.

  • Improves hair strength:

Not just texture, massage helps strengthen the roots and prevents the hair from getting entangled.

  • Reduces dryness:

Massaging with a moisturizing oil nourishes and reduces dryness on your baby’s scalp that can cause itchiness or dandruffs. 

  • Better Sleep

Massaging a baby relaxes them, hair massage is no different. An oil massage on the scalps helps the babies in sleeping better.

Which hair oil for babies is the best?

While a gentle massage is a must, it is quite important to choose a right kind of hair oil for this. Natural baby hair oil with the richness of essential oils strengthen your baby’s hair and protect the fragile hair from damage. Some of the important ones can be listed here:

  • Organic Argan Oil: A good source of Vitamins A & E and antioxidants, Argan Oil increases cell production for healthier skin and hair. 
  • Organic Amla Oil: Strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss
  • Avocado Oil: An excellent source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, it helps condition the hair
  • Marula Oil: Protects hair from dryness
  • Bhringraj Oil: promoted hair growth
  • Coconut Oil: Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp

Adding these oils as a part of your baby hair oil sure helps in getting all the benefits of different oils and more. The Natural Baby Hair Oil by The Moms Co. is one of the best hair oils for your baby’s delicate hair. It is a combination of 10 powerful oils to protect the hair from excess damage and dryness. Completely toxin-free and made without Mineral Oil, this hair oil is gentle on your baby’s scalp and is hypoallergenic. 

Benefits of giving Baby Hair Massage

Given how important such natural products are for babies, there are numerous safe to use baby care products currently existing in the market. Choose a product that will be a companion for your baby as they continue to grow.