Why You Should Use A Face Scrub In Your Skincare Regimen

Why You Should Use A Face Scrub

Ever wondered why your skin looks dull and feels dry after a long week and what’s the best way to revive your skin? The answer lies in exfoliation. Skin exfoliation has a host of benefits to offer – right from removing dead and flaky skin from the surface to opening clogged pores to reducing whiteheads and blackheads and removing other impurities for skin that feels clean and looks even-toned. Exfoliation with a good face scrub also helps improve blood circulation and encourages cell turnover which leaves your skin feeling and looking fresh. Regular exfoliation helps slough off dead skin cells and remove impurities from the skin’s surface. This helps ensure that the skincare products you use are able to deeply penetrate your skin and work effectively. Skin exfoliation should be a part of your regular skincare routine, especially if you have oily, acne-prone skin or are prone to developing blemishes. Let’s find out more about when and how often should you exfoliate your skin.

Is it important to scrub the face? When should we use face scrub? 

Exfoliators or face scrubs are generally of two kinds – chemical exfoliators have a combination of acids that are safe to use on the skin and help dissolve debris and dead skin. Physical exfoliators, on the other hand, have a grainy texture that helps remove dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads from the skin. A good skincare regime is incomplete without exfoliation of skin but it’s just as important to know why and when should you scrub your face.

benefits fo face scrub

As mentioned previously, exfoliating your face with a face scrub has a host of benefits. Not only does it slough off dead skin cells, remove impurities, makeup and excess sebum, it also helps open clogged pores. If you’re someone who is dealing with acne marks, blemishes or pigmentation then regular exfoliation can help reduce its appearance and promote even skintone. Since exfoliation breaks down dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover, it also improves skin texture and elasticity.  

But facial scrub benefits don’t end here. For people who struggle with oily skin and acne, regular exfoliation can help control sebum and acne breakouts, leading to healthier skin by opening clogged pores and reducing their appearance. This also helps skincare products such as serums and creams get deeply absorbed into the skin and work from within. Exfoliation also boosts blood circulation which ensures your skin remains soft and healthy. It can also help fade acne marks and blemishes since exfoliants are known to break down dead skin cells and smoothen the skin texture, making your skin more even toned and uniform over time. 

When it comes to physical exfoliators, the size and shape of the particles are important. It’s best to try out the scrub on the back of your hand first to determine if it feels gentle. If the face scrub feels scratchy then don’t use it on your face or body. 

Should you use a facial scrub every day? 

face scrub for daily use

Scrubbing frequently can damage the skin barrier which can make your skin vulnerable to dryness and infections. It’s best to scrub your face 1-2 times a week. Use a natural face scrub with a small particle size which are made with ingredients such as Coffee powder, Apricot powder, Black sand or Cranberry seed powder as they are gentle on the skin and do not pollute the environment. Most facial scrubs have plastic microbeads in them which are harsh on the skin and can lead to microtears. These plastic microbeads are harmful to the environment as well as they can be swallowed by aquatic life and do not decompose. 

While it’s important to choose a gentle scrub, it’s just as important to know the benefit you want it to impart to your skin. If you have oily, acne-prone skin then go for Natural Green Tea Face Scrub. Enriched with Green tea, Tagua Nuts, Vitamin C and 5 natural AHAs, the Natural Green Tea Face Scrub gently exfoliates the skin without aggravating acne. This green tea scrub is ideal for those looking for a solution for controlling oil on their skin and acne. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Green tea controls excess sebum and prevents acne. Tagua nut powder gently exfoliates the skin and nourishes the skin with its fatty acids. Aloe Vera in the face scrub provides hydration and leaves it feeling soft and fresh.

If you’re looking for a scrub that exfoliates, polishes and smoothens the skin then go for Natural Coffee Cranberry Scrub. This coffee cranberry scrub by The Moms Co. has Coffee seed powder and Cranberry Seed Powder that provide gentle exfoliation with its perfectly sized particles. It also has Vitamin C and 5 plant AHAs which stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce blackheads and whiteheads. The scrub also helps improve skin elasticity and reduce tan, all while nourishing the skin and leaving it soft. Thanks to these natural ingredients, it’s ideal to use this scrub in the summer season to keep your skin soft, healthy and polished. 

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What should I apply on my face after scrubbing?

Once you have used a face scrub, it’s best to follow it up with a moisturizing face cream to replenish moisture and keep your skin soft and supple. You can also apply a serum that has potent antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin C or Niacinamide which can get absorbed into the skin and work on repairing and replenishing the skin from within. Since serums have a smaller molecule size as compared to face creams and deeply penetrate the skin to work from within. Because exfoliation helps remove deep seated impurities, dead skin cells and opens clogged pores, it helps the skincare products you apply next absorb easily and work effectively. 

The Moms Co.’s range of skincare products are made with the safest natural ingredients that are sourced from all over the world and do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Their range of products are dermatologically-tested, Australia certified toxin-free and PETA certified cruelty-free, making them ideal additions to your skincare routine. 

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