Benefits Of Using A Vitamin C Toner

Benefits Of Using A Vitamin C Toner

We all have heard about face toners but most people don’t know the benefits of toner. A skin toner is a quick absorbing liquid that should be used after cleansing your face and before moisturizing your skin. Typically, our skin’s pH levels lie between 4-6. However, exposure to dust, dirt, pollution, make up, and harsh cleansers shift our skin’s pH levels resulting in skin damage. If the skin’s pH balance is too acidic, it will lead to acne breakouts, and if the skin’s pH level is too alkaline, it causes dryness and sensitivity. A face toner benefits by balancing your skin’s pH levels, and removes traces of dust, dirt and makeup from the skin and also reduces the pores. Regular skin toner use revitalizes the skin by giving it a burst of moisture which soothes the skin. 

Vitamin C enriched skin care products can help you solve any skin issue with no irritation. Vitamin C is a natural potent anti aging ingredient that visibly brightens and deeply hydrates the skin. A vitamin c toner is ideal for problems like pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and under eye dark circles. Let’s have a deeper look at the benefits of vitamin C toner.

What does Vitamin C Toner do?

Using a toner with vitamin C as the main ingredient will deliver a host of benefits to your skin. Vitamin C face toner helps create a smooth and radiant complexion. Toner with vitamin C is a rich source of antioxidants, and protects the skin from harmful effects of pollution and the sun’s UV rays. Vitamin C toner is also known to inhibit the production of melanin which reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation on the skin. Vitamin C toner for the face stimulates collagen production improving skin elasticity and firmness.

vitamin C toner for face

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Natural Daily Face Toner by The Moms Co. removes excess oil, unclogs pores, evens out the skin tone and balances skin’s pH level. It also deeply hydrates the skin. The product is formulated with natural extracts of Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Green Tea Extract and 5 plant AHA’s.

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Benefits Of Using Vitamin C Toner

Vitamin C toner benefits are inimitable. Incorporating this skin toner in your regime will leave your skiing feeling soft, toned and smooth.

Safe for all skin types

A Vitamin C Toner can truly be called the jack of all trades. It is suitable for all skin types as it controls excessive sebum, reduces acne outbreaks, even tones and brightens the skin, hydrates and moisturizes the dry skin, and soothes sensitive skin without any irritation.

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Toner with vitamin C controls melanin production, and protects from damaging UV radiations. These properties of vitamin C toner benefit in reducing hyperpigmentation.

Reduce redness

Being a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, vitamin c face toner benefits reducing redness.


Deep penetration properties of vitamin C make it the best hydration skin ingredient. Vitamin C toners reduce the transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and retain the skin moisture.


Melanin inhibiting properties of vitamin C toner benefits to even out the skin, and brightens the skin complexion. A toner with vitamin C penetrates deep into the skin tissues, it works on the cellular levels to depigment the skin and deeply hydrate the skin. Vitamin C face toner is one of the best skincare products that can help you achieve a brighter complexion.

Reduces under-eye dark circles

Skin toner with vitamin C benefits the under eye dark circles as vitamin C is a great antioxidant. Vitamin C toner use can help reduce dark circles around the eyes. Toner with vitamin C helps thicken the eyelid dermis and conceal the dark coloration of under eyes, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark lines under the eyes.

Promotes collagen production

Lower levels of collagen, the most important natural skin protein, results in skin aging. Vitamin C is the cofactor needed in the process of collagen synthesis. Topical application of vitamin C toner promotes collagen production, which prevents and reverses skin aging process.

Prevents sagging

The collagen promoting properties of vitamin C toner benefits by improving skin elasticity and firmness. This effect of toner with vitamin C prevents skin sagging maintaining the skin youthful.

Protects against sun damage

Vitamin C shields the skin from acute UV ray damage. It protects against the UVA and UVB mediated phototoxic insult preventing phototoxic damage. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C toner, works as photo protectants against sun damage.

Soothe sunburns

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in a skin toner with vitamin C, help soothe sunburns. Vitamin C protects against UVB damage (sunburn cell formation).

Helps in wound healing

Vitamin C is water soluble, hence gets quickly penetrated in the tissues via blood stream. Its role in collagen synthesis helps speed the wound healing process.

Using vitamin C face toner rejuvenates the skin, improves skin complexion, and imparts skin with healthy dewy glow.

How To Use Vitamin C Toner on Face?

In order to get the most out of Vitamin C toner, it’s best to use it as part of your face care regime. While vitamin C face toner use is suitable for all skin types, it’s important to ensure that other products in your skincare regime are also suitable for your skin type. Create a simple cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime with natural face care products and follow it regularly to get clear, healthy skin. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in a C-T-M routine.

cleansing the face

Step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing is crucial to remove dirt, dust, makeup and impurities from the skin. These impurities can build up over time and clog pores, leading to acne and breakouts. Take 1-2 pumps of an all natural Vita-rich face wash on your palms and rub them together to create foam. Apply foam on to your wet face and gently massage it. Rinse and pat dry your skin.

Step 2: Toning

Not only does vitamin C toner use help remove excess sebum, residual makeup and impurities from the skin, but also helps balance the skin’s pH levels and primes it for the next steps in the skincare routine. Skin toner use will give you a blemish-free and radiant skin. Regular use of toners with vitamin C and niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and green tea leaves your skin hydrated, makes your complexion smooth, reduces skin redness, irritation and acne-causing bacteria, reduce pore size, eliminate excess oil and soothes the skin. Take 2-3 drops of an all natural toner with vitamin C on a cotton pad and apply on your face and neck.

Step 3: Moisturizing

No skincare regime is complete without moisturizing your skin. It’s best to choose a face cream that is free from mineral oils and artificial fragrances as these can irritate the skin. You should choose a product that has ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Chia Seed Oil, Vitamin C and Kakadu Plum that help moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots. To ensure your skin is moisturized, take a small amount of the cream on your palm and apply a thin layer on your face and neck.

These simple basic skincare steps should be done twice a day to ensure your skin stays clean, soft and hydrated. Using a face toner with vitamin C is essential to get a spotless complexion and flawless skin.


Is vitamin C toner good for acne? 

Vitamin C toner is an excellent source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It stimulates collagen production that helps improve skin texture and elasticity in the long run, and prevents acne scars. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C face toner helps reduce acne, and the redness caused by breakouts. 

What should I apply after vitamin C toner?

Apply an all natural moisturizer after applying your vitamin C face toner. It keeps the skin extra smooth, soft and glowy. A moisturizer helps lock-in the effects of the skin toner, which adds on to the skin protection and restores essential skin nutrients.

Is vitamin C toner good for oily skin?

Yes, vitamin C toner is excellent for oily skin, as it prevents excessive sebum formation, unclogs the pores, deeply hydrates the skin, and has antioxidants which prevent any skin damage.

Look for an alcohol-free skin toner to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out excessively or get irritated. Face toner with high concentrations of natural vitamin C can reduce dullness, reverse skin aging, fight acne, and give flawless skin. Add vitamin C toner to your skincare routine and experience its magic with quick visible results.

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