Best Stretch Marks Solutions To Reduce & Prevent Stretch Marks In Pregnancy

Best Stretch Marks Solutions To Reduce & Prevent Stretch Marks In Pregnancy

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Stretch marks narrate the story of a woman’s body that has undergone childbirth, borne immeasurable pain, and changed unbelievably. These are long, narrow streaks of pink, red, purple, and tan colour that most women develop during pregnancy. 

As per statistics, upto 90% of women develop stretch marks during their pregnancy or post childbirth.

Why do we get Stretch Marks?

As your little angel grows, your belly also grows, and your skin stretches. Stretch marks are the tiny tears in the tissue layers under your skin, when it’s stretched to its limit during pregnancy. 

Most women start noticing these warrior streaks anytime between the 13th-21st week of pregnancy, on their stomach, hips, thighs, breast and arms.

While nature has to perform its bit, we women can actually enjoy the phase of pregnancy without worrying about these stretch marks. With so much advice floating around for them, there is one skincare regime that all experts commonly agree upon- keeping the skin moisturized and supple.

Tips to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

  • You’re already eating healthy food to supplement the growing needs of the fetus. Add some skin healthy foods to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Antioxidants, omega fats, and Vitamin E are essentially good for the skin and keep the epidermal layers moisturized.
  • Water detoxifies and keeps the skin cells hydrated which reduces their occurrence.
  • Drink herbal teas, fruits, fresh fruit juices and other fluids to maintain the hydration levels of the skin. 
  • Exercising also increases blood circulation which helps the skin in retaining its elasticity. Consult your healthcare provider before embarking upon an exercising regime.
  • Use a toxin-free good quality stretch mark cream for pregnancy. The best way to prevent them is to moisturize the skin thoroughly. Ardently follow a moisturizing regime from the day you come to know of your pregnancy.

The question still remains the same – Which stretch marks cream do I use in pregnancy?

Lets us first understand how stretch mark oils/creams/lotions are different from regular moisturizers.

  • Stretch mark creams and lotions penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and leave the cells plump and hydrated.
  • Applied regularly, they support the skin while stretching and undergoing wear and tear. 
  • Regularly massaging with the stretch mark oils will maintain skin elasticity, which not only prevents fresh stretch marks from occurring, it reduces the older marks too.
  • Do not just concentrate on the belly. Use an effective lotion for stretch marks and apply all over the buttocks, thighs hips, breasts, and abdomen.
  • Cocoa butter has exceptional moisturizing qualities and fights the dryness of the skin and severe itching which is the result of dry skin. Invest in a good quality cocoa butter cream for stretch marks and massage regularly for best results.
  • Your stretch mark cream should be thoroughly tested for allergies and recommended by experts. Use a toxin-free stretch mark removal cream that is not only gentle on the skin; it is also an answer to your pregnancy woes of stretch marks, dry and itchy skin. It prevents the them from appearing in the first place. In addition, if it carries a gorgeous aroma, you will feel nice and refreshed.

With about 90% of women getting stretch marks (Source- American Academy of Family Physicians, or AAFP), we cannot totally prevent nature’s predicament. But yes, an efficient stretch mark removal cream will do wonders to restore the natural oils of your skin. So slather the cream for pregnancy marks on your body and massage for a few moments. Apply twice a day and if it feels itchier in some areas, apply plentifully in those areas.

If you are wondering about how to remove stretch marks after delivery, well, the truth is once they have appeared, you can’t remove them. There’s no miracle cream for them that works effectively after delivery. With regular moisturisation & skin hydration, you can try & reduce their appearance. 

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