Mother – The Best Teacher

Mother - The Best Teacher

A mother’s guidance continues throughout a child’s life. Mother is the first teacher that always helps assist their kids for betterment. The extraordinary role of a mother as a teacher starts right from the womb. From the time when a woman realizes she is expecting, she begins learning everything about being a mother and starts incorporating the required changes into her life. 

She becomes conscious about what food she is eating and what positive lifestyle changes to adopt so that she can give the right input to the baby. So this is how early the learning starts- right from the womb. Once a child is born, the mother is the best teacher as well as a guide. She is the first influence, providing her child with love and security. 

Things we all learn from our mothers

It is hard to define what all mothers teach us. Listing down some common things we all learn from our mothers. 


A mother always leads by example and when we see discipline as her distinct quality, we tend to learn and do the same. We have seen her get up early every day, balance her responsibilities, have all her meals on time, and also take out time for us every day. Discipline is one of the most important lessons we learn from our mothers.

Sharing & Caring

Sharing and caring is an important part of the moral development of a child. As children, when we are taught to share things and care for others, we learn to collaborate with others, be kind and do things for others. This helps develop social awareness in adulthood and we learn to not only care for them but also their feelings and their reactions.

Love & affection

Mothers are masters in teaching their children how to love and respect others. The world is a better place because of the lessons mothers teach their kids about loving and respecting others. They teach the value of sensitivity, understanding, and how to care for someone other than yourself.


This is one of the first things our moms teach us. They teach us to respect those around us, regardless of age, race, or social condition. As a child, we learn and begin to respect our parents first. This happens because we see them respect us and other family members equally.

Work hard

No one works harder than a mother. She teaches us the values of hard work and education to achieve our dreams. Be it staying at home, doing all the chores and looking after everyone, or supporting her family by working full time and taking care of her children when she gets home. We can definitely say mothers are on duty 24/7. So, this is a lesson children learn from them just by seeing it being put into practice.

The value of patience

Mothers always teach how to balance life with patience. Being a mother is a journey of ups and downs. There are compromises and adjustments that come with motherhood but mothers never fail to get over all of them with patience. Mothers teach the same to their little ones and make them understand the value of patience. 

The importance of kindness 

Mothers are kind to everyone. Be it friends, foes, dogs, cats, frenemies, or the house help. Their kindness manifests itself in the generous hospitality they extend to anyone who visits the house. It is one of the most important lessons every mother teaches.

To be selfless

Mothers are selfless in nature and always think about their children and families first. They teach their children how to think for people first and be selfless. 

To never give up

Mothers always teach us to never give up. When kids struggle with physical and emotional problems, they are always there to support and motivate their kids. 

The importance of values

Mothers always teach their children the importance of values. She teaches the importance of honesty, dedication, and inclusiveness. Mothers are always very particular about their children’s values and morals.

How to be brave

During a crisis, a mother is the glue that holds a family together so that they can tide over the difficulty they are facing. If it weren’t for their bravery, families would probably fall apart at the first sign of struggle.

How to appreciate true beauty

Mothers never fail to compliment their little ones. They always keep every family member happy by appreciating them and teaching the same to their little ones. 

The power of commitment

Commitment has been described as “dedication, steadfastness, allegiance, faithfulness, loyalty”. Mothers never fail to teach their children the power and value of commitment.

How to build relationships

Relationships are a two-way street and every relationship needs a lot of work. No matter how taxing one may be, our mothers constantly work towards strengthening it instead of abandoning it.

Being responsible

Mothers today not only bear the load of an entire household on their shoulders but also manage to juggle a full-fledged career at the same time. They teach us the importance of responsibility. 

A mother’s heart is made of gold and is a gem in everyone’s life. She is the ultimate source of happiness for a child. Her contributions are certainly too great to imagine. Above all, her love is pure and innocent. Always love her the way she loves you and never forget her teachings because a mother is the best teacher in the world.