Checklist – Packing List For Travelling With Your Baby

Checklist – Packing List For Travelling With Your Baby

Travel on your mind and a toddler in tow? Does that holiday sound less inviting and more nerve-wracking? Do you find yourself poring over every object in your house wondering if you need to pack it too, leading to bulky suitcases? If your answer to all these questions is a yes, then this toddler Checklist For Travelling With Baby is what will make your holiday packing worry-free. 

Here’s a Checklist For Travelling With Baby of all things you need to have on your baby travel list-

First Aid Kit  – Stay prepared with medicines for possible common ailments such as cold, cough, colic, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, etc. that could strike in a new environment. Add in a thermometer, bandages and antiseptic solutions or creams for possible scratches or wounds.

First Aid Kit

Baby Carrier or Stroller – A stroller will keep your baby safe and secure and keep your hands free while travelling. Do not forget to cover the stroller with a portable mosquito net!

Baby Carrier or Stroller

Toiletries – Remember to carry your child’s toiletries including all baby care products such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, massage oils, creams, diaper rash creams, hand sanitizers, mosquito repellent, hair comb etc. Restrain from using the hotel’s toiletries to keep possible skin allergies or rashes away. Carrying a travel pack of a trusted brand is just what a smart parent would go for.

body wash, shampoo, massage oils

Liquid Wash and Brush – A must-have in your bag to clean up soiled baby clothes, accessories, feeding bowls and cutlery, bottles, toys etc.

Liquid Wash and Brush

Disposable or Zip Lock Bags  – These are much needed in case of a spit up/vomit or simply to dispose off diapers or waste responsibly. This will also double up as a bag to hold dirty clothes or accessories away from the clean ones.

Disposable or Zip Lock Bags

Clothes – Estimate and carry about two sets of dresses for each day and two night wears per night. Carry weather and destination appropriate clothing. Extra pairs of clothes in the diaper bag come handy for diaper leaks or a spill.  Having a laundry service is great but it’s always safe to go with a spare set of clothes in the first place.


Home away from home – Carrying your child’s belongings such as your feeding apron, towel, washcloth, napkins/bibs and a blanket or comforter will help the child feel comfortable in a place away from home. Keep an additional pair of comfortable shoes (not new ones, never), just in case the other pair gets misplaced.

Home away from home

Food – For babies older than 6 months, portable kettle and some baby foods come handy to whip up a quick meal. Pack some nutritious snacks to keep the child full and happy between mealtimes. Remember to carry your child’s sipper cup or water bottle to avoid dehydration while travelling.


Toys and Books – Even with a lot to do at the resort, your child could get bored and cranky. Taking along favourite books and toys will keep your child engaged and entertained. They are the best pacifiers that can ever be.

Toys and Books

Diapers – A staple if your baby is not toilet trained. Have ample diapers at hand, they can run out pretty fast. It would be a dream if you can spot a shop or drugstore to replenish them, just in case you need to re-stock.


Wipes – Apart from clean bottoms, they can wipe off unknown muck from hands and feet, and can pretty much turn any surface to hygienic baby friendly ones. Easily a parent’s best friend.


Changing Mats – Not all washrooms will be clean when you are on a holiday. A small and waterproof changing mat that can be easily stowed in the diaper bag will make your job easier and quicker. Also take a look at the Best Foods for Babies.

Changing Mats

Some Tips To Remember!

  • Choose a waterproof over-the-shoulder bag instead of a traditional diaper bag to keep your hands free.
  • Pack liquids and medicines in separate pouches to prevent leakage.
  • Keep a nightlight handy for the journey.
  • Have a travel charger and an extra battery at hand
  • And lastly, carry your identity proof with you at all times, which includes your toddler’s too.

Make travelling your child’s newfound love, by making it as enjoyable and interesting as it is for you with a Checklist For Travelling With Baby. With a little attention on your child’s specific requirements, you can create amazing experiences for life. A happy child equals happy parents and happy times together. Need we say more?