Checklist: What to Keep in Your Baby Diaper Bag!

Checklist: What to Keep in Your Baby Diaper Bag!

Whether going on a holiday or taking a trip to the mall, you cannot go without a Baby Diaper Bag. It’s imperative for you to stock it well so that you can deal with any sudden requirements that could otherwise leave you in a mess.  

How you stock the diaper bag depends on a lot of factors. How old your baby is, and how long would you be travelling, also; where exactly are you headed to. I bring you some handy suggestions on what items are a must in your diaper bag.

Baby Diaper Bag Essentials

  • Diapers
    You will need one for every two hours. Also, keep extras for unforeseen pooping sessions. Keep your baby diaper bag well stocked to be on the safe side.
  • Wipes
    From wiping the baby’s bum, cleaning your hands to swabbing dirty surfaces of the public restrooms, wipes are a must in the diaper bag.
  • Diaper Rash Cream
    Your baby’s skin is super sensitive, especially if they’re left in the diaper for a little long. It’s always best to carry a good baby rash cream to avoid rashes. You should also carry baby body lotion to be on the safe side.

  • Changing pads
    The changing tables in public restrooms are dirty and not suitable for use. Most of the diaper bags come with changing pads; Check the pad size. If it seems small, carry a bigger changing pad to lay your baby comfortably during a diaper/clothes change.
  • Sanitizer
    You won’t always get access to a water source for washing your hands while travelling. Keep a sanitizer handy in your diaper bag.
  • Baby Food/Milk
    Depending on how old the baby is, carry expressed milk, formula milk, semi-solids etc. Make sure to carry a feeding bottle/sipper/ spoon with you.

  • Water
    If your baby has started taking water then it’s best to carry water from home with you to avoid giving store-bought water.
  • Bibs, napkins, small towel, washcloths
    Toss in as many as you need, preferably a few extras, to use while the baby is eating, playing, and burping.
  • Clothes and a light blanket
    Pack in a few extras. Leaky diapers, dripping bottles and spills during meals – babies need no excuse to soil their clothes! A light blanket is handy in case it gets chilly or breezy outdoors.
  • Sunscreen, Caps, and Hats
    In case you’re travelling out during the day or going for a vacation, make sure to carry sunscreen with you. The Mom’s Co’s Mineral based 
    Baby Sunscreen is great for infants above six months of age. For younger as well as babies above 6 months of age, caps and hats can be used to protect the baby while out on a sunny day.

    Here’s a printable version of the checklist for you to make sure you aren’t missing anything out while packing your travel bag. 

    baby diaper bag essentials Checklist for your Baby’s Diaper Bag

  • Toys
    It’s always good to have a few rattles or toys that your baby loves with you so that you can keep the baby distracted and busy if he/she is getting a little cranky

  • Baby Medicines & First Aid
    You don’t know when your baby might get gassy, constipated or develop a cold. Always carry medicines like colic aid, saline nasal drop etc., on your doctor’s recommendation.

  • Extra clothes for yourself
    Your baby might throw up on you, poop on you or spill milk. It’s a good idea to have an extra shirt/top for yourself as well.

  • Nursing pads and sanitary pads(for you)
    As a new mom, we tend to have vaginal secretions and discharge, so it’s better to have sanitary pads handy. Nursing pads also help soak the excess milk and avoid stains on clothes

One small note…

For new moms, the diaper bag seamlessly replaces her stylish handbags. I carried my wallet and phone in it. I even kept my sanitary pads, makeup, and comb in my baby’s bag. The diaper bag is the mom’s survival kit, dress it up just the way you like it!