What is CTM Routine – Cleansing, Toning And Moisturizing

Cleansing, Toning, And Moisturising Routine -101

Throughout the day, your skin gets exposed to dust, dirt, pollution and harsh sunlight. If left unattended, these elements can take a toll on your skin and lead to clogged pores, skin dullness, discolouration and more. While it’s important to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face when you get ready for the day, it’s just as important to take care of your skin once you are done with the day. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing will heal the chapped, uneven toned skin, rough and dull skin, and will rejuvenate it keeping it healthy and beautiful. May it be the dry skin or oily skin, cleansing, toning and moisturizing is essential for every skin type.

By following a skincare regime with natural skincare products that are suitable for your skin and following it regularly, you can ensure that your skin remains healthy in the long run. A three-step cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime with the right skincare products will help remove dirt and impurities from the skin, lock in moisture and keep it healthy. 

What is CTM Routine – Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing


Cleansing is the first step in the CTM routine. We keep applying make-up and numerous beauty products throughout the day and at the end of the day, our skin is nothing but a layer of accumulated environmental pollutants, residues of the beauty products, excessive sebum secretion, sweat, dead skin cells, oils, dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, and chemical residues on the skin. Cleansing not only clears all this debris from the skin, but exfoliates and refreshes the skin. It clears the clogged pores, checks skin dullness and discolouration. Tries to revert the damage caused due to harmful UV rays. In all, cleansing brings the skin back to life and glow. At the start of the day, cleansing prepares the skin to fight against pollution, UV rays and oil – filth accumulation. In addition cleansers are effective solutions for cosmetic issues like dullness from dead skin buildup, and excessive sebum (oily coat) buildup. Cleansers can also aid in preventing or treating certain skin conditions like acne . 


The second step of cleanser, toner and moisturizer regime is toning. Toning follows cleansing, as it closes the open skin pores that are opened during the cleansing. This is important for the safety of the skin. Toner  balances skin’s pH levels that change due to dust, dirt, makeup and other external factors. It checks cycles of excessive dryness followed by too much oil production, by balancing skin’s pH levels. Toner also helps prime the skin for the next steps in the skincare regime and ensures that the products get absorbed effectively. Toner can help  tighten cell gaps after cleansing, thereby reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. It can even protect and remove chlorine and minerals present in tap water used to wash the face. Thus a toner adds a layer of protection to the skin that is cleansed. Some toners also contain humectants that lock moisture into skin.

cleansing toning and moisturizing routine


The third step in the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine order is moisturizing. This step is last but not the least. Moisturizing keeps the skin moist and hydrated. The skin repairs itself at night and using a moisturizer will ensure that it regains its elasticity and glow. This step is always followed after toning,  as the cleansed and toned skin absorbs the moisturizer effectively. 

Moisturizing  can help keep the skin clear, smooth, and wrinkle-free.

Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin problems, appearance of other blemishes and helps the skin stay young. Water constantly evaporates from the deeper layers of the skin, known as trans- epidermal water loss. Moisturizers modify the rate of water loss thereby maintaining the skin, supple, soft, bouncy, shiny and youthful. Moisturizers usually contain water that acts as a temporary hydration agent. There two main types of moisturizers: 

  • Occlusive moisturizers that form a coating on the surface of the skin, keeping the moisture from escaping.
  • Humectant moisturizers that absorb water. They can absorb this water from the air and moisturize the skin.

The complete cleansing – toning – moisturizing routine should be followed twice a day: once in the morning and once at night.

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How to follow a CTM Routine?There are specific ways of using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer to make the most out of each face care product:

Step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing the skin is not only spreading the cleanser all over the face. Cleansing should be done followingly:

  • To start cleansing the face, start with a hot steam and then clear off the dirt using a tissue with a mild cleanser. Most importantly , choose the cleanser with care, as it is the determinant of the cleansing session. Sticking to one cleanser for at least three months will show its result on the skin. if it hurts or irritates the skin, the cleanser must be discontinued. 
  • Rubbing ice on the cleansed area after every cleansing session, shuts the open skin pores. This step is not necessary every time, but if done will benefit the most.
  • After cleansing the face, wash your face with a splash of cold water at the end. Use cold water instead of hot water, as hot water dries up the skin.
  • Skin cleansing also includes timely exfoliation. Exfoliation of the face could be done up to three times a week and the rest of the body twice a week. 

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The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Wash is gentle on skin, and powerful on bacterias and impurities. It gives a brighter, smoother, and even toned complexion. The unique formula of orange beads penetrates into the pores purifying the skin, controlling sebum production, and cleansing surface buildup. 


The Moms Co. Natural Green Tea Face Wash hydrates the skin while impartings effects of skin tightening. It is soap-free, helps control acne, removes dirt and impurities from pores, makes the skin radiant, shine-free and mattified.


Natural, toxin-free Clay Face Wash is made from natural ingredients like kaolin clay, fuller’s earth clays, moroccan lava, activated charcoal, plant AHA’s detoxifiers. It makes the skin smooth and gives a soothing effect. The clay absorbs the excessive sebum from the skin without taking away any excessive moisture. This face wash reduces blackheads and whiteheads, blemishes and makes the skin brighter.


The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash is a mild cleanser, ideal for sensitive skin types.  It is vitamin rich with Vitamin C, B3, and Pro vitamin B5. This face wash cleanses the skin while replenishing the nourishment.

Step 2: Toner

Pick a toner with maximum water composition and it should cater to the type of your skin.

  • Two to five drops of a toner are enough for one time use.
  • Toner can be used twice in a day. In the morning and at night before going to bed, after cleansing the face.
  • Dab the toner on the skin with your ring finger or with the help of a cotton ball for better absorption.

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Alcohol-Free Natural Green Tea Face Toner, enriched with Green Tea extracts and Apple Cider Vinegar, control acne breakouts. The natural Plant AHAs gently exfoliate and tighten the pores, and Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts hydrates and soothes the skin.


Natural Daily Face Toner by The Moms Co. removes excess oil, tightens pores, evens out the skin tone and balances skin’s pH level. It leaves the skin hydrated at the first step post-cleansing. The product is formulated with the safest forms of Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Green Tea Extract and 5 plant AHA’s.

Step 3: Moisturizer

The moisture of the skin goes off when one takes a shower. Thus, one should moisturize the skin after three to five minutes of every bath.

  • Applying moisturizer on a wet body should be avoided.
  • Natural ingredients like coconut oil, milk, mango butter, shea butter, curd & honey can be used to moisturize the skin. Moisturizer must be chosen as per the skin type .
  • As the area around the eyes is the thinnest layer of skin, one should not apply a moisturizer around the eyes. For this region, it is better to use an eye cream.
  • Moisturizing is an everyday activity and skipping it even once can harm the skin.
  • The moisturizer must contain humectants, occlusives and emollients.
  • Moisturizing is a must before applying makeup and before going to bed.

The Moms Co. recommends the best moisturizer:


The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Cream provides rich hydration and helps reset naturally brighter looking skin. Formulated with a powerful antioxidant rich combination of pure Vitamin C and E and Ferulic Acid, it helps promote the production of collagen and helps fight free radical damage, giving you a naturally brighter looking skin. The lightweight texture quickly absorbs into the skin and intensely hydrates the skin from within.

How often should you cleanse, tone and moisturize? 

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be done twice per day. 

Cleansing is recommended to be done at least 2 times a day at night and in the morning. Especially during teenage years, when the skin is naturally oilier and more prone to breakouts, cleansing must be done more than twice a day compulsorily.

Toning should be done twice a day immediately after cleansing. The best time to apply a toner is immediately after cleansing your face. Using a toner after cleansing your skin will ensure that it removes any residue or debris and will hydrate the skin. A toner also helps balance your skin’s pH levels and primes it for the next steps in the skincare regime.

As we age, our skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture which can lead to loss of elasticity. Applying a moisturizer right after toner will hydrate your skin and help it retain its elasticity and glow. Moisturization is a must for people with oily skin. As, when skin lacks moisture, it naturally overcompensates and produces even more oil, creating a vicious cycle of dried out skin and an oil imbalance. People of all skin types should apply a lightweight, non-comedogenic facial moisturizer onto clean skin twice per day.

The skin can be exposed to additional oils from our hair, hair products, and general buildup on our pillows, overnight.

The cleanser, toner and moisturizer routine must be followed in the morning before getting ready for the long day chores, to rejuvenate the skin. And also must be followed before going to bed to refresh and replenish the skin.

Does CTM Routine Really work?

To make cleansing, toning and moisturizing work, choosing appropriate cleanser, toner and moisturizer are extremely important. Choosing completely organic products is the key to safety.

The three products: cleanser, toner and moisturizer, must be chosen according to the skin type, to make the CTM regimen work. Quantity, application time, type of the product, and season, all contribute to the effectiveness of the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.

Choose a cleanser, toner and moisturizer that is made without harsh chemicals such as sulfates and artificial fragrances. Sulfates can irritate the skin and strip off the natural moisture, leaving it dry and flaky. Instead, choose natural face wash which has Olive oil-based or coconut-based cleansers which are gentle yet effective at cleaning the skin. It’s good to have Vitamin C as a key ingredient in your face cleanser, toner and moisturizer, as it is a rich source of antioxidants which helps fight free radical damage. Another ingredient that you can look for in the face care products is Hyaluronic Acid which replenishes moisture.

The moisturizer must contain Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, chia seed oil and arbutin which deeply hydrates, brightens and reduces pigmentation and dark spots.

The bottom line is, the benefits of cleansing, toning and moisturizing regimen is enhanced if the skin type, season and organic products are kept in mind while choosing the face care products, and the routine is maintained consistently. Using completely natural CTM kits benefits the skin without any side effects.

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The Moms Co. Daily Skincare Essentials consists of natural skincare products for the perfect C-T-M routine. Olive oil-based cleansers in Natural Vita Rich Face Wash gently clean the skin without stripping it of moisture or causing irritation. Vitamin C, 5 plant AHA’s and Witch Hazel in our alcohol-free Natural Daily Face Toner gently exfoliates the skin, tightens pores and hydrates the skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Chia Seed oil in Natural Vita Rich Face Cream replenishes moisture.

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Never miss the night time cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. All products applied, get better absorbed during night as the natural healing of the skin damage is done by the body, during the night. Thus CTM regimen aids in skin healing, rejuvenation, replenishment and nourishment of the skin. A good cleanser, toner and moisturizer routine is important to cherish the health and beauty of the skin. So get that skin glow going with a simple three-step CTM regime and ensure your skin stays clean, healthy, nourished and moisturized!

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