Foods That Can Be Unsafe for Your Baby

Foods That Can Be Unsafe for Your Baby

A growing baby needs to slowly wean off breast milk and begin eating solid feeds. While she may be eager to get a share of what is on your plate, some unsafe baby foods for your tiny tot, especially under the age of one.

Unsafe baby foods that you should avoid in your baby’s diet are as follows:

Nuts and Seeds

You must avoid giving nuts to your baby’s for two reasons – first, they are potential choking hazards. Second, they may cause allergic reactions in babies, especially if you or any family member has a history of nut-related allergies. Seeds are less likely to cause choking. However, they could get stuck in your little one’s airway and cause infections.


Like nuts, seafood can result in allergies if it runs in your family. It is best that you avoid  giving seafood to your baby, if she is under the age of one. It is advisable to check with your pediatrician before feeding seafood to your baby. Introduce one variety after the other slowly, and keep a close watch for allergic reactions.


Honey is another food safe that can be unsafe for babies, especially those under a year old. This sweetener contains spores of a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which can multiply in your infant’s intestines and cause infant botulism. The digestive systems of older babies and toddlers are mature enough to fight these spores.

Raw Vegetables

Veggies that aren’t cooked or softened can be extremely hard on your baby’s digestive system. Also, if not cut or shred, they can cause choking in your little one. Vegetables can be served in soft-cooked, mashed form or as slices lesser than half an inch. 

Berries and Citrus fruits

Strawberries, oranges etc. are acidic in nature and contain proteins that are hard for infants to digest. They can upset your little one’s stomach or cause rashes in some cases. Once your baby is older than a year, you can cut these fruits into smaller pieces or dilute their juices with water before feeding your baby.

Carbonated and Caffeine-containing drinks

Beverages like coffee, tea, and fizzy drinks are a strict no-no for babies as they can upset your tiny tot’s stomach. Also, packaged drinks contain sugar, artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives – all of which are in unsafe baby foods for your little one.

In addition to these, keep your baby away from sugar-rich and salt-rich foods including cakes and pastries, candies and jellies, packaged food, ready to eats, crunchy snacks etc. Whatever be the food you introduce into your baby’s diet, do so one by one and in a controlled manner, so that you can keep an eye and pinpoint the problem – should something go wrong. Also take a look at Best Foods for Babies.