Your Guide To Having Sex During Pregnancy

Your Guide To Having Sex During Pregnancy

The baby is the loving bond that brings couples closer. But this bond could act quirky in your pregnancy! Yes….. Such is the play of hormones that one minute you want to cling to your partner and on other instances, just want to tear him away.

Is sex safe during pregnancy? It is perfectly OK to have sex (well, only if you wish to) if your pregnancy is progressing normally. While some women love to engage in this act, others feel low and the urge to have sex diminishes. our estrogen and progesterone hormones rise in pregnancy, causing your libido to shoot up.

The lubrication in the vagina is great and the breasts become sensitive to touch.

Wow! Isn’t this the perfect recipe for love-making? Sure it is, except for the minor stumbling blocks like nausea and fatigue in the beginning and the voluminous belly towards the end. So if your doctor has given you the green signal, enjoy sex during 4-6 months, the period is righteously known as the “Honeymoon trimester”. In some cases, however, doctors advice to abstain from intercourse. It could be for the 1st trimester, 3rd trimester, or the entire period. Some cases where sex is restricted are:

  • History or chances of miscarriage or preterm labor
  • Incompetent cervix or placenta previa
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Your water has broken

If you are concerned do speak to your gynaec. Concerns over Sex During Pregnancy in expectant parents due to Fear of a miscarriage. Orgasms do cause the uterus to undergo contractions.

But these contractions are not strong enough to induce labor pains (Unless your body is ready to give birth).

Women who have a history of preterm labor/ miscarriages or a placenta issue will be advised to refrain from having sex. So if you are at it, relax and enjoy these moments of pleasure. The baby might get hurt The baby is well cushioned inside your body and is protected by layers of fluids in the amniotic sac. And if that was not enough, a thick plug of mucus separates the amniotic sac from the mouth of the uterus. So while you guys are at it, be assured your baby is safe and secure. It is a good practice to be little cautious while having sex, but even deep penetration and orgasms will pose no harm to the baby. And do not let your partner blow into the vagina while having oral sex, in rare cases, it leads to an air bubble blocking the blood vessel, a potentially dangerous situation. Infections are a concern The thick mucus and the secure shield of the amniotic sac are nature’s way of protecting the fetus from any dangers, foreign bodies, and even semen. But you have to ensure that your partner is not suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases. Some partners continue to have sex using a condom, as a precautionary measure. If your partner has a history of herpes, avoid oral sex totally. Some fun sex tips for women who would like to go for it.

  • The classic missionary will have to take the backseat, but if you still want to go ahead with it, just take the thumping a little easy and keep the body weight off the belly.
  • Spooning-Try getting comfortable with this style of lovemaking. Lie side by side with him behind you. Take some pillows for support.
  • Doggy style love- Support yourself on all fours and place a pillow below the tummy. Your partner enters from behind.

Some people feel more comfortable doing it sideways, some on the edge of the bed and others on the chair. Well, the choice is yours; and if you do not feel like indulging into it, do confide in your partner. Your guy is as nervous and concerned as you, and trust me, he will be totally fine with the idea of not having sex.

It’s not just sex that kicks off a relationship; the small concerns for each other, even the kisses, hugs, and caressing are good to make you feel loved and wanted. Check out 6 Quick Tips to Cure Heartburn & Acid Reflux During Pregnancy.

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