Herbal Teas for Common Pregnancy Problems

Herbal Teas to enjoy during Pregnancy

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU_Lw-XAv10″%5DFill my tea to the brim, I need that cup of Herbal Tea to stay calm, and enjoy the goodness of herbs

With so much of pregnancy advice being given to you, tea intake might still be the greatest unsolved puzzle. While some health experts recommend drinking tea, others advise against it. Tea contains caffeine which can cross the placenta and reach the developing fetus. But for women who crave their hot aromatic tea, it becomes difficult to totally cut it off from their diets. Nicole Tracy of Nurtured By Nature recommends the consumption of pregnancy safe herbal teas. These herbal teas are safe and contain ingredients that take care of some common pregnancy issues.

Teas for heartburn and nausea

As they say, ”when nothing else works, have a cup of hot piping tea”….and in pregnancy this tea must be caffeine-free and infused with healthy herbs. On days when the acidity is too much to handle, try making a concoction of healthy and caffeine-free herbs. Ginger is known to help with nausea, heartburn and this herb also combats tiredness. You can prepare a homemade concoction by adding few ginger pieces into a bowl of boiling water. Brew it for a while and strain and drink it up to three times a day. You could also sip on some peppermint tea as it has a lovely aroma that helps alleviate symptoms of vomiting and nausea.

You can also add some dry black currant leaves and dried chamomile flower as they have a calming effect on the burning sensations in the tummy and they are also very rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Teas for anxiety, restlessness and good health

Chamomile is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids that protect the skin and fight off all infections. Tea derived from the flowers of the chamomile plant has soothing effects that also help you with a good night’s sleep.

It is known for its calming nature and will help put your jittery nerves to ease. You can also try Lemon balm, this herb has naturally soothing qualities and treats problems of insomnia.

Teas for third trimester- preparing for childbirth

The red raspberry leaf tea is one of the best herbal potions to drink in late pregnancy.

Women can start drinking one cup a day from their 24th week and increase it to three cups by the 37th week. The tea contains good amounts of vitamin B complex, calcium, and magnesium and prepares the uterus for labor. Regular sipping of this tea from the second trimester builds the immune system of the mother and prevents postpartum hemorrhage. This uterine tonic reduces instances of birth interventions and also boosts the breast milk supply. Drink this tea towards the end of your pregnancy to prepare your body for labor and childbirth. Also add some chamomile and blackcurrent for their rich minerals and flavonoids.

Note : The Red Raspberry leaf tea is not recommended for intake in the first two trimesters.

Teas for Postpartum recovery and lactation

Remember that sauf ka pani our moms gave us post delivery? Teas made from flavoring herbs like Aniseeds and Fennel seeds are very beneficial for lactating moms. These herbs not just increase the breast milk supply, it also works on the mom and baby’s stomach for common gas and colic issues. Blackcurrant leaves with are a rich source of Vitamin C are known to boost immunity.


In pregnancy, we women face health issues that leave us irritable and restless. These herbal teas for pregnancy can relieve pregnancy woes like nausea and uplift the anxious mood. As it is difficult to decide the exact amounts of herb that is safe to infuse and consume in pregnancy, check our pregnancy safe teas.