How to Care for Your Baby’s Hair?

Babies have a sensitive scalp and delicate hair. As your baby grows older their hair condition and colour change a lot. Baby hair care is important for it to remain healthy and strong. Just like you use natural baby products for your baby’s skin, it’s important to choose natural and toxin-free baby care products for your little one’s hair. Sharing below are some great baby hair care tips to be followed. 

Baby Hair Care Tips

Babies’ hair and skin are very delicate. It is advised to always choose natural and toxin-free products for your baby. Liting down some important tips below. 

Washing your baby’s hair

One of the main reasons for brittle, thin hair is a dirty scalp. So, shampooing your baby’s hair at regular intervals with natural baby shampoo is essential. Over washing your baby’s hair can strip off the natural oils from the scalp and leave the hair dry. So, washing your baby’s hair needn’t be a part of your everyday routine. You can wash your baby’s hair twice or thrice a week. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Shampoo is a toxin-free combination of Coconut based mild cleansers that gently clean, while Organic Moringa & Organic Argan oils help nourish and strengthen your baby’s soft hair.         


Oiling your baby’s hair

Massaging a baby’s scalp with massage oil is good for the health of the scalp, as massaging increases blood circulation to the hair pores. The baby massage oil also moisturizes the scalp and prevents the formation of dandruff. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Hair Oil helps nourish, protect and strengthen your baby’s hair, keeping them soft and silky. It is a toxin-free combination of 10 powerful oils like Argan Oil, Organic Amla Oil, Avocado Oil & quick-absorbing Marula Oil to protect delicate hair from damage and dryness.     


Combing your baby’s hair

Detangling your baby’s hair plays a major part in maintaining a baby hair care routine.  Generally, infants do not have tangles so they need gentle combing. Use a soft-bristled, wide-toothed comb to detangle your baby’s hair. It allows you to do it without hurting the baby. If your baby’s hair is messy and tangled, you may want to take her for a hair trim from time to time. 

Use a hair conditioner

Conditioner is a moisturizing agent that replaces moisture stripped away by shampoo. It helps protect and strengthen the hair, which can promote growth and reduce breakage. Hair conditioner is especially important if your baby has textured or curly hair, which can be prone to dryness. After shampoo, apply a conditioner and then rinse the baby’s hair with warm water.

Use a soft towel

Newborn baby hair care is important because babies have a sensitive scalp and hair, so when drying their hair after shampooing and conditioning, be as gentle as possible. Use a soft towel to lightly dry their hair.

Dealing With Cradle Cap

Cradle cap can occur due to an overproduction of sebum, the oily substance that keeps the skin moisturized. Baby’s delicate scalp is affected by this overproduction and sometimes looks like thick yellow or white scales on the scalp. It is common and usually clears between 8-12 months of age. The best solution is to regularly wash and comb her scalp to keep it clean.

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy, balanced diet is crucial to help your baby grow thicker, fuller hair. A good mix of these nutrients will provide the foundation for healthy, strong hair. Vitamin-rich food like butternut squash, pumpkin, carrots, beans, meat, and eggs can help your baby improve hair health.

Avoid hair ties

If your baby has a few strands of hair, it’s important to avoid hair ties and ponytails. The pressure they put on the head can cause damage and lead to baldness. Instead, use a light silk headband to tie your baby’s hair back. It’s gentle on the head, so you won’t have to worry about damage.

Choosing the right baby products

Babies have very gentle skin and hair at the time of birth. The newborn baby hair care products should be Dermatologically tested, Natural and Toxin-free. The Moms Co. has a wide range of natural baby hair care products. Our baby care range is clinically tested to not compromise your baby’s safety. We keep a critical eye while choosing the ingredients and making the best baby hair care products.


When should I wash my newborn’s hair for the first time?

You can wash your baby’s hair with normal water immediately after birth. Newborn babies do not require shampoos for washing their hair. Introduce shampoos only after your baby is around 6-8 weeks.

How can I stop my baby’s hair from falling out?

While caring for your baby’s hair it is important to be very gentle and avoid applying pressure on the soft scalp. Avoid using products that contain parabens, silicones, sulphates, harmful fragrances, and chemicals. 

Choose natural products for your little one providing complete and safe care. Set the right foundation for your baby’s hair to grow and stay healthy.