How to Make your Children Read More

How to Make your Children Read More

Tips on How to make Children read more. 

Encouraging and raising a little reader is not a day’s job. Developing love for books and the bedazzling stories that they weave, comes only from interest, practice and the right guidance. Seeking help to grow your own little bibliophile? Here are some tips to make children read and fall in love with reading!

What are the benefits of reading?

The benefits of reading are way too many. Language development, a larger vocabulary, enhanced memory, better IQ, and a better bonding experience with the parents are just some of the advantages.

How to inculcate the habit of reading?

  1. Start Early.  

start reading early

Do not shy away from reading aloud (preferably in a sing-song tone) to your new-born or infant. Your voice tone, eye contact and words positively augment brain and language development.

  • Be a Role Model.

Be a Role Model for reading

You are your child’s first role model, so if you think your child is not reading then it’s probably because you’re also not reading. If you already have a soft spot for books, it should be truly easy to implement the same for your kids. But if you are hooked to your phone or laptop, it’s possible that your children will also do the same. 

  • Create a Reading Nook

Create a Reading Nook

Make a reading spot for your child, with an easy to reach bookshelf. Feel free to make the space fun and comfortable, encouraging the reading experience. Soon it will be just natural for them to whip out a book and lounge, when bored!

  • Keep it Simple

 books with simple storylines

Pick simple books with large colourful illustrations of everyday objects, birds, animals, shapes etc. Gradually move to books with simple storylines. Experiment with fabric books having thick pages that the little fingers can easily turn. Go for touch and feel books with textures and sounds of animals or objects. Such interactive books with flaps, lights and sounds are sure to make books “the new toys”.

  • The Magic of Grandparents

reading with grandparents

Go ahead and get a grandparent to come down to tell stories that you have yourself, grown up listening to. Invite your child’s friends too for a fun session. The highly enchanting narrative style of their favourite grandparents will hike your child’s interest in books.

  • Join a Reading Club or Library.  

 Reading Club or Library.

Make reading a joint activity by joining a reading club where other kids of the same age read together. You could also consider taking age-appropriate subscription boxes with themed activities and related storybooks.

  • Play on the interest factor.

 books that interest the child

Focus on getting books that interest your child. Encourage them to pick books that they like. You could probably say no to a new toy, but never say no to a new book or a trip to the bookstore! This habit make children read more. Know When to read, sing and tell stories with your child.

  • Pretend Play

reading and acting

Make it real by acting like characters along with voice modulation and thus connecting better with the story. A child who reads often will soon put the story to action. Be prepared to see a huge surge in imagination, where the child will soon club several similar stories or bring in characters from other books.

  • Reward with Books.

Reward with Books for reading

Book reading should be an experience of its own. Making it a chore, reduces its charm. Instead, praise and gift books to children who have been obedient. Pro Tip: Give gift-wrapped books to fuel their interest to go through the book, immediately upon receiving it. Curiosity Pays!

Reading should be a passion for children. Never force or pressurise the child to take an affinity to books. Just because you are a bibliophile, doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will follow in your footprints. Although, with a bit of luck and a favourable environment, your child will soon be unable to keep his nose out of a book. Here are some ways to Reduce Screen Time for Children.

Do share with us your kiddo’s favourite books in the comments below.