Important Things To Look At Before Getting A Baby Wipe

best baby wipes

Choosing the best baby wipes for your infant, or even toddler is of utmost importance. It is the key solution for cleaning dirty hands, faces, and most importantly, the baby’s bum during diaper changes.

It can be hard to understand which baby wipes are the best for your baby’s soft & delicate skin. Through this blog, we will cover important things to look at before getting a baby wipe.

What ingredients should you look for in a baby wipe?

Paying attention to the ingredients of baby wipes is of great significance. This, since, there are all sorts of baby wipes available in the market, while some are full of harsh additives & will cause irritation to your baby’s skin, ideal baby wipes are one with natural ingredients like :-

1. Aloe Vera provides relief from skin irritation and soothes your baby’s delicate skin.

2. Calendula Extract prevents rashes & provides gentle protection.

3. Allantoin moisturizes & protects the skin from dryness and irritation.

4. Chamomile Extract reduces inflammation & heals wounds.

What ingredients to avoid when getting a baby wipe?

As a mother, your natural instinct is always to protect your baby, and the same translates to when you’re purchasing something as important as baby wipes. Naturally, you’d want to put your trust in products that are 100% safe, dermatologically tested, made with plant-based material, and alcohol-free.

Say a strict no-no to baby wipes that have paraben in them, or other similar ingredients like propylparaben, methylparaben or ethylparaben. These types of ingredients make your baby’s bum prone to allergies & rashes.

Ideally, you should opt for baby wipes which have the least amount of ingredients in them and are instead, purely water based. Water-based wipes will be as gentle as cotton on your baby’s skin, and will gently cleanse, keeping your baby’s bum refreshed & clean.

Why is the content of Water important in baby wipes?

The water content in baby wipes is a major determinant on the kind of impact they will have, when used on your baby’s delicate skin. Water is without doubt the safest & the gentlest ingredient in a baby wipe. Higher the water content in a baby wipe, gentler will it be on the baby’s skin – preventing rashes & allergies. Look for a baby wipe that is 99% water based, since it will gently cleanse, keeping your baby’s bum moisturized & soothed.

What kind of fabric is ideal in baby wipes?

Only entrust a baby wipe that is 100% biodegradable & is viscose based. Viscose is made from wood pulp, and is known for its softness & smoothness. In comparison to Non-Woven Fabric, it is 100% biodegradable, and does not cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

Are alcohol-free wipes effective?

All the baby wipes available in the market tend to promise soft & gentle cleansing of your baby’s bum. But, only a mother knows that since a baby goes through several diaper changes in a day, most of the wipes tend to cause rashes when used frequently throughout the day.

Baby wipes that are alcohol-free are gentler on the baby’s skin. It’s completely untrue that alcohol-based wipes are more effective. In fact, alcohol-free wipes are just as effective, and gentler on your baby’s skin.

Should you purchase scented baby wipes?

A lot of baby wipes in the market tend to be scented. While it is true that they smell great and may seem like a refreshing option to use on your baby’s bum, it is best to avoid the usage of such wipes. The ingredients radiating fragrance in the wipes may cause an allergic reaction to your baby’s sensitive skin. 

Unscented wipes are the safest and the most popular option. Baby wipes that are water-based & unscented, are the best baby wipes for newborns.

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