Let Pregnancy Not Stop You From Playing Holi : Quick Safety Tips

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Being pregnant may mean you have different priorities than you did before, however that in no way means that you can’t have fun. Pregnancy and holi both mark new beginnings thus deserve a hearty celebration. That being said, it is always better to be cautions and take certain precautions while playing Holi, given being a mom brings you additional responsibility not only yourself but the beautiful unborn too. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to enjoy your first pregnancy holi –

    • Since there are no central regulatory standards to monitor the formulation of the holi colours therefore there is a good possibility that most of the colors might contain harmful chemicals.
    • The synthetic dyes that impart color to the holi powders mostly contain oxidised metals such as lead oxide, copper sulphate, and in rare cases even pieces of crushed glass. It might be in one’s best interest to avoid them. 
    • Colours containing black henna are sometimes labeled as organic but they might contain para phenylenediamine which may cause allergic reactions.
    • Thus, it is best to stick with home-made colors made of fruits, flowers, natural colors like haldi etc.
    • As being pregnant means you have decreased immunity and are more sensitive thus the reactions might be substantial now as compared to before or on someone else who ain’t pregnant. As tempting as it might be to try everything with friends and family, your pregnancy holi might call for a bit extra self-control.
    • While there is no celebration without a feast that might include ghee-laden sweets, traditional or alcoholic drinks, and fried snacks.It is strongly advised to limit one’s intake of fried food and sweets during pregnancy.
    • Keep on hydrating yourself with plenty of fluids and water.
    • Avoid any alcoholic beverage and limit your caffeine intake.
    • If you plan to go to the market – be extra cautious when crossing busy places, residential colonies or high rise buildings. While most people celebrate the festival in the right spirit, but Holi is often an excuse for rowdy behaviour among some. Stay alert and do keep someone close by.
    • During burning the holika bonfire keep a safe distance. Ensure that the fire is lit in a properly ventilated place. If it gets too smoky move to a place with some fresh air.
  • Wear clothes with long sleeves or full length pants, churidars or salwars to protect your skin.
  • Do not let the colour stay on your body for too long. It is best to wash it off before it dries since some colours might leave a longer lasting mark after drying. 
  • Do not stay too long in wet clothes as you do not want to be catching cold during your pregnancy. Also check out Q & A with Dr. Neharika Malhotra (Session 1).

Be safe, enjoy the colors, and soon to be coming parenthood !!! Happy Holi Dr. Neharika Malhotra

Dr. Neharika Malhotra, M.D, FICMCH, FMAS

Dr. Neharika Malhotra is a practicing infertility consultant at the Rainbow IVF, Agra, she has numbers of Research Papers and Chapters published on her name including few books.She is also actively involved in various research topics of Pregnancy and Infertility. At The Moms Co., Dr.