Monsoon Care for Babies

Monsoon Care for Babies

Monsoon is here and it’s provided the much-needed relief from the scorching heat. But, even for monsoon-lovers, the facade of monsoon soon wears off when you see that it also brings along humidity, mosquitoes, diseases and lots of air bacteria. During this time, babies are also more susceptible to illnesses. But, don’t you worry – a little monsoon care can help take care of the issues and keep your baby safe.

Monsoon Care Tips for Babies:

We have put together a list of precautions to be taken during rainy season. Following them will help safeguard your little one from the seasonal problems:

  • Safeguard From Mosquitoes

Rains can lead to water accumulation in your premises which will become a hotspot for breeding mosquitoes. Foster a safe space for you and your baby by installing a mosquito mesh on your windows that will block their entry in your house. If you are traveling with your baby, do remember to carry baby nets, Natural Mosquito Repellent along with the baby cradle. On road, steer clear of mosquitoes by attaching a mesh screen on your car window. Also learn how to protect your kids from mosquitoes.

  • Maintain Hygiene

The humidity in the air could give rise to fungal infections. It is a must that you wipe your baby with a clean cloth, and check his neck, underarms, ears, private areas, and other places for any skin infections. Frequently, check and change your baby’s nappy, during the monsoons. If you see any symptoms of viral fever or allergies contact your pediatrician.

  • Sanitize Your House

Sanitize your house to steer clear of germs. Germs and monsoons always tag along together. If you have a toddler who crawls on the floor, consider sanitizing your house with a disinfectant at least twice a day. This should take care of any outbreak of infections.

  • Sterilise Bottles and Nipples

Do remember to sterilize your baby’s bottles and nipples in boiling water before and after every feeding session. This will help keep any air-borne diseases at bay. 

So moms, try these monsoon care tips and have a Happy Monsoon!