Nipple Butter- Solution to Painless Breastfeeding

Nipple Butter- Solution to Painless Breastfeeding

Ouch….that hurts! Then I see that angelic face, and the pain instantly vanishes.

Isn’t this every new mom’s story when she is learning to nurse her baby? Even though sore and chapped nipples hurt while feeding, the look on the baby’s face instantly takes away all the discomfort. Sore nipples are an inevitable part of nursing the baby. With patience and some help, we can overcome this problem.

Why does breastfeeding hurt?

Breastfeeding is an important step in a new mom’s journey. We are confused and nervous, but also willing to learn how to nurse our baby. While breastfeeding has some amazing benefits for the baby, it can be a tough skill to master for some moms. Breastfeeding is not supposed to be painful, but if it is, it usually means something is wrong and we need a way to fix it.

There could be several reasons for breastfeeding to hurt. A newborn might not be able to latch well, or we are unable to position the baby well. And when latching is the problem, the baby becomes more irritable and we get more stressed. It’s a time-taking process that requires learning with patience on our parts. But this entire process leaves us moms totally drained out. Painful breastfeeding is usually down to sore, tender nipples, especially once the milk comes in around two or four days after giving birth. The baby will be feeding every couple of hours, which means the problem can worsen quickly, leaving some moms with cracked, sore, blistered and bleeding nipples.

Natural Nipple Butter

While a few home remedies may do the trick and bring temporary relief, most moms resort to looking out for better solutions for cracked nipples. There are numerous sore nipple creams in the market, however we are always concerned about our baby’s safety because the nipple butter may land up in the baby’s mouth in by chance.

The Moms Co. Natural Nipple Butter contains a combination of soothing natural waxes and oils, like the Calendula oil and Kokum Butter. Calendula Oil  protects and heals the skin while Kokum Butter in the Natural Nipple Butter restores elasticity and prevents dryness. This speeds the healing process. It also has Vitamin E which protects the skin from damage and Wheatgerm oil that nourishes and heals the skin. Part of The Moms Co.’s range of natural body care products, the Natural Nipple Butter is made without Lanolin and doesn’t have any artificial fragrances. And yes, within a few applications, your nipples will feel better, and you can finally enjoy those precious moments with your baby!

All because someone truly cares…

While motherhood is the most beautiful experience of a woman’s life, issues like sore nipples can be daunting for new moms. The Moms Co. strives hard to provide natural, safe and effective mom care products. These products are made without harmful chemicals and toxins such as Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phenoxyethanol, DEA/TEA, PEGs and more.

The Natural Nipple Butter is Australia-Certified, Toxin-Free, Made Safe, Dermatologically tested, and Australia Allergy certified. Rub it over your sore nipples after every feed to heal the cracked nipples and prevent them from further damage.