Pregnancy Shopping Checklist – From The First To The Third Semester

Pregnancy Shopping Checklist - From The First To The Third Semester

There is a big to-do list while you are pregnant and await the baby’s arrival. It is better to stay prepared with your and your baby care essentials. Therefore, pregnancy shopping makes the experience more healthy and comfortable. Besides a healthy diet and regular visits to your healthcare provider, there is a lot more that needs to be taken care of. Here, we will be listing down pregnancy shopping checklists that are essential from the first to the third trimester.

Pregnancy essentials in the 1st trimester: Shopping Checklist

The first trimester of pregnancy is an exciting time. At this point, keeping your pregnancy shopping checklist on point is very important. Your breasts may be tender, you might feel more tired than usual and you may experience some morning sickness. It is important to be ready with the products that make you feel better and comfortable. Listing down some pregnancy care must-haves for the first trimester. 

Comfy clothes and footwear

It’s about the comfort and support you need for the healthy growth of your baby, as well as yourself. Wearing the right clothes during this time is very important. Comfortable clothes can help reduce some discomfort and make the overall experience of being pregnant easier to tolerate. Wear cotton clothes that are loose and breathable. Cotton helps absorb sweat and keeps you cool. Avoid slippery footwear and heels. Wear soft-soled comfortable slippers and shoes during pregnancy. 

Healthy supply of fruits and vegetables

Good and healthy nutritious diet is very important for your baby to grow and develop well. Eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients you need. Recommended daily servings include 6-11 servings of bread and grains, 2-4 servings of fruit, 4 or more servings of vegetables,4 servings of dairy products, and 3 servings of protein sources. 

Books on pregnancy and interesting topics

We know that you need to remain happy, motivated, and informed about yourself and your baby. Books can be the best companions during this most memorable experience. Reading good positive books can make you feel calm and relaxed during pregnancy.

Dental care products

It’s important for you to take good care of your teeth and gums while you’re pregnant. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that boost the risk of developing gum disease. It is advised to rinse your mouth every time you feel morning sickness, avoid sugary snacks and eat a healthy balanced diet.

Chemical-free cosmetics

Cosmetics should be chosen very carefully during pregnancy. Chemicals used in these products can enter the human body through absorption from the skin, mouth, and inhalation. They may contain high levels of toxic chemicals which can be very harmful to you and your baby. It is one of the most important points to be noted for pregnancy shopping 

Moisturising Body wash

Stretch marks and rashes can make the skin dry during pregnancy. During this time look for products that are dermatologically tested and toxin-free. Our Natural Body Wash is a Coconut based cleanser infused with the goodness of Pro Vitamin-B5 and Ginger Oil. It gently cleanses the skin and keeps it moisturised. It also eases morning sickness and refreshes the skin. This amazing Body Wash is priced at Rs. 348.

Pregnancy essentials in the 2nd trimester: Shopping Checklist

While your baby bump is growing there are various changes that take place. During these changes, several items can make you feel better. Listing down some pregnancy care must-haves for the second trimester.  

More comfy clothes 

Wear clothes that provide ample support to your growing belly. You can choose from a range of maternity tops and bottoms that provide support to the baby bump. You can wear clothes that have elastics, but make sure they aren’t too tight. Avoid unnatural fabrics like synthetics, elastin, chiffon, and georgette. 

Waistband extender

At this point, you’ve probably stopped fitting into your go-to jeans, and a pants extender can help hide the front of your unbuttoned bottoms so you can get more wear out of them before fully transitioning into maternity jeans.

Healthy snacks for in-between the meal hunger pangs

You must have felt some changes in your eating habit and must have started feeling more hungry throughout the day. You should add more healthy snacks in between your meals. You can go for a bowl of fresh fruits, oats, sprouts, fruit smoothies, curd with almonds, etc that will provide nutrition to you and your baby. This will also control you from overeating unhealthy snacks. 

Chemical-free stretch marks oil

Stretch marks are the most common issue that every pregnant woman faces and is worried about. Stretching and growing bellies often rob the skin of its natural moisture leading to dryness, itching, and stretch marks. Our Natural Stretch Oil is a rich combination of 7 Natural Oils & Vitamin E that increases your skin’s natural elasticity and controls the appearance of stretch marks. The toxin-free dermatologically tested oil is priced at Rs. 393. 

Nursing bras and maternity gowns

During pregnancy the size of your waist and breasts increases. With these changing sizes, you need to avoid your old inners and switch to new ones that fit appropriately and make you feel comfortable. Shop some new Nursing bras and maternity gowns that will be helpful after the delivery too. Also, avoid wearing underwire or padded bras as this can make blood circulation difficult.

Baby clothes, feeding bottles, and other baby accessories

During this time it is important to collect some basic products that will be needed for your bundle of joy. Utilities like baby cloth essentials include rompers, undershirts, half shirts, night suits, inner garments, etc. Feeding bottles, bathing & baby care products, cloth diapers, pacifiers, and small push-up toys are some of the basic shopping items that you need to add to your pregnancy shopping list 

Caffeine-Free Teas to keep nausea and acidity at bay

A comforting cup of caffeine-free tea can keep you at ease for morning sickness and nausea. Caffeine-free herbal teas can prevent insomnia, alleviate morning sickness, and can also help in reducing labour pain. 

Pregnancy essentials in the 3rd trimester: Shopping Checklist

At this point, you may experience little anxiety for the upcoming months. With the expanding baby bump, your pregnancy shopping list has many more items that should be taken care of. A few smart purchases now can help you to be at ease and welcome your baby with open arms and with eyes full of happy tears. Listing down some pregnancy care must haves for the third trimester.  

Nursing pillows, breast pump, nipple cream

Your breast size has been changing during the time of pregnancy. Massaging your breasts and keeping your breasts ready before your baby comes is extremely important. Nursing pillows help you sleep well during pregnancy. They provide support to your baby bump and lessen pains, backaches & sleepless nights. 

At this stage, the nipples can become dry, cracked, chapped, sore, itchy, or even bleed. Nipple Butter is important to keep your nipples moisturised. Our Natural Nipple Butter is a Lanolin-Free and Fragrance-Free combination of oils and waxes that help soothe sore and cracked nipples. Made with completely safe and natural ingredients, you’ll never need to worry about washing it off before breastfeeding your baby. It is priced at Rs. 299.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are made for delicate, sensitive baby skin, and are free from harmful irritating chemicals. Therefore, they are one of the essential items for pregnancy shopping lists. Our eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable Natural Water Wipes are specially created with 99% water for your baby’s delicate skin. Made with plant-based Viscose, our Natural Baby Water Wipes gently clean while keeping your baby’s skin moisturised & soothed, with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Calendula, Allantoin & Vitamin E. Keep it handy for diaper changes, messy fingers and mouths, sticky surfaces and toys.

Diaper rash cream

Diaper rash cream is important because it creates a barrier between a baby’s delicate skin and the diaper. Choose a diaper rash cream that is natural, toxin-free, and dermatologically tested. The Moms Co. Diaper Rash Cream helps Prevent, Treat and Soothe diaper rashes & skin inflammation. It is specially designed for a baby’s first 3 years and is safe & gentle for all little ones. The Diaper Rash Cream is priced at Rs. 199. 

Baby massage oil

A gentle massage oil that keeps your child’s skin delicate, smooth and supple. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Massage Oil helps nourish, relax and strengthen the baby’s bones and muscles with regular massage. It is a toxin-free combination of 10 powerful oils like Sesame, Organic Almond, Avocado, Organic Jojoba, Organic Chamomile, and Natural Vitamin E that help nourish, relax and strengthen baby’s bones and muscles. It is priced at Rs. 474. 

Foot massage cream

Massage before and during labour is a great relaxant for your body & mind. It improves blood flow and reduces discomfort effectively. Even a gentle foot rub with a Foot Cream can distract you from the pain. The Moms Co. Natural Foot Cream deeply nourishes & hydrates tired, swollen feet with a toxin-free combination of Shea Butter and oils like  Sweet Almond, Argan and Olive Enriched with Peppermint Oil, it refreshes and provides a cooling sensation to the feet. It also provides relief from swollen & tired ankles. It is priced at Rs. 249. 

Complete your to-do Pregnancy Shopping Checklist well before the bundle of joy arrives. By the time you pack your bags for the hospital and are all set to leave, all the shopping errands must be taken care of. Stock your home with toys & baby essentials and welcome Motherhood Without Compromise!

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