11 Best Pregnancy Skin Care Tips For A Glowing Complexion

Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

Glowing and dewy skin during pregnancy, is it even possible? We bet this was your reaction while reading our headline, right? Well, as much as achieving ‘dewy’ skin during pregnancy may sound like a myth, we want to inform you, with joy, that it is indeed possible! You just need to follow some basic pregnancy skin care tips and build a targeted beauty routine to keep your complexion looking good—and by good, we mean dewy, bright, and glowing at all times. 

These skin care tips are universally applicable and help tackle your concerns, no matter the skin type. So without further ado, let’s get into the top easy-to-follow pregnancy skin care secrets for keeping your skin at its most smooth, supple, and plump state.

7 Common Skin Care Tips To Follow During Pregnancy

Skin Care Tips To Follow During Pregnancy

The key is to layer the right skincare products to bring out your natural radiance and glow / Image credit: Freepik

Tip 1: Gently exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a skincare step that we often skip, or overdo. But did you know that exfoliating your skin, twice, weekly, is the secret weapon to perfect skin? 

Hence, gently exfoliate your skin twice a week with a scrub that contains rich antioxidants like coffee and cranberry to promote better skin health. You can opt for The Moms Co.’s natural coffee and cranberry face scrub, formulated with potent antioxidants like aloe vera, niacinamide, and vitamin C to keep your skin pores minimised, keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, and improve your skin tone and texture. 

Tip 2: Soothe inflammation

Skin inflammation is quite common during pregnancy and mostly appears due to hormonal fluctuations in your body. To soothe your skin, use The Moms Co.’s natural green tea face toner that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as green tea, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, and cucumber. 

Additionally, the toner contains plant-based AHAs that help optimise your skin barrier and regulate the skin’s pH balance to prevent acne and inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. 

Tip 3: Add a clarifying face mask to your routine

Deep cleansing your face at least once a week is essential for drawing out dirt and oil settled in your pores. You can try the natural clay face mask from The Moms Co., which is enriched with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and kaolin clay to detoxify your skin and remove impurities trapped deep within your pores. 

The face mask also contains purifying ingredients like witch hazel and multani mitti that help unclog your pores, remove excess oil, and tighten your skin to boost firmness and radiance. 

Tip 4: Use a niacinamide-enriched serum

It is critical to provide your skin with complete nutrition to maintain its health and glow. One of the key ways to maintain optimal skin health is by using a concentrated serum that provides all the essential nutrients to the deepest layers of your skin and targets your skin concerns to reveal a lit-from-within glow. 

You can incorporate the natural niacinamide face serum from The Moms Co., made with potent active ingredients like niacinamide, squalane, zinc, and licorice extract into your skincare routine

While niacinamide and squalane improve hydration in your skin and smooth your skin texture, zinc and licorice extracts work to control oil production and reduce pigmentation marks and blemishes. 

Tip 5: Invest in a good moisturiser

Moisturisers help strengthen your skin barrier by providing it with lipids and protecting it from external chemicals. You can opt for The Moms Co.’s natural vitamin C face cream, which is formulated with potent antioxidants like ferulic acid, squalane, and willow herb to provide moisture to your parched skin, neutralise damage caused by free radical cells, and environmental stressors, and reduce pigmentation to enhance your skin tone and radiance. 

Tip 6: Avoid The Sun And Wear SPF

During pregnancy, your skin may exhibit increased sensitivity toward the sun. Meaning that prolonged exposure can lead to rashes and skin irritation. So if you can, avoid the sun completely. But if that’s not happening, then do not step out of your house without wearing sunscreen

You can opt for The Moms Co.’s natural daily sunscreen, which is pregnancy-safe and formulated with zinc oxide, chamomile, licorice, and calendula extracts. 

This powerful combo of ingredients offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays and prevents any sun-induced damage to the skin. Additionally, these ingredients help soothe skin irritation, and sunburns, and reduce inflammation.

Tip 7: Try lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a great at-home treatment that keeps your complexion de-puffed, clear, and glowing. You can use The Moms Co.’s natural skin-firming kit for this massage.

First, apply the natural age-control face oil to your skin, and then use the jade roller that comes with the kit in circular movements to drain out the excess fluid from your skin. Massage in circles upwards, up the sides of your face, toward the jaw, and around your eyes. These movements will help tone your skin and also reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

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Skincare Tips After Delivery

Skincare Tips After Delivery

Choose skincare products according to your skin concerns and make sure to use natural formulations / Image credit: Freepik

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause acne, pigmentation, and dark circles on your skin. To keep your glow intact and reduce skin problems, you can add the following pregnancy products to your beauty routine:

Target Your Acne With Green Tea

Make sure to cleanse your skin with a mild green tea-infused face wash twice a day. Opt for The Moms Co.’s natural green tea face wash, which has oil-controlling ingredients like aloe vera, niacinamide, and kaolin clay. 

These ingredients cleanse your skin from within and their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help fight acne-causing bacteria and reduce its appearance in the future. 

After cleansing your skin,  use The Moms Co.’s natural vitamin C daily face toner to balance the pH level of your complexion and unclog pores, and then follow it up with hydrating your skin, and applying a lightweight face cream or gel during the day and night. 

Make sure your day and night creams also contain ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and kaolin clay to help soothe your complexion and prevent damage caused by sun rays and environmental triggers. 

Strengthen Your Moisture Barrier

According to many skin experts, if you are unable to get rid of dry and flaky skin even after several attempts, then chances are, you have a damaged skin barrier. So in order to get naturally beautiful and glowing skin, you need to start by repairing your skin barrier. Opt for a product that is designed to strengthen your skin barrier and moisturise and hydrate your skin with its soothing ingredients.

 You can go for The Moms Co.’s natural age control day cream, enriched with potent ingredients like bakuchiol, green tea extracts, sea buckthorn oil, and hyaluronic acid that enhance your skin’s moisture barrier, replenish your skin, and prevent damage caused by external aggressors such as UV rays and pollutants. 

Target Pigmentation With Vitamin C

The key to targeting pigmentation is by incorporating vitamin C into your skincare regime. This is because vitamin C deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin, regulates melanin production,  and lightens dark spots to enhance your radiance.

You can start your skincare routine with The Moms Co.’s natural vita-rich face wash to cleanse your skin and remove impurities, then layer in a small amount of the natural vita-rich face serum on your face to balance out the pH level and increase nourishment and end your skincare routine by applying the vita-rich face cream to neutralise the effects of free radicals in your skin and promote an even and firm skin tone. 

Reduce Your Dark Circles With Coffee

Lack of sleep during pregnancy and postpartum causes dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. One of the ways to tackle this skin concern is by incorporating a potent under-eye cream, such as the natural vitamin-rich under-eye cream from The Moms Co. 

This under-eye cream contains a nourishing blend of botanical oils, such as chamomile oil, coffee oil, chia seed oil, and niacinamide, which ensure hydration, reduce puffiness and dark circles, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The best part about this product is that it comes with a roller, which makes for an easy application of the product, and you can enjoy a replenishing and gentle massage to depuff your eyes. 

Additional List Of Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Products

  • Natural Stretch Oil: The Moms Co.’s natural stretch oil is formulated with botanical oils and vitamin E that enhance your skin’s natural elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and lines across your body. 
  • Natural body butter: If you experience itchy skin during pregnancy, you should try the natural body butter from The Moms Co., which is made with nourishing body butter like shea and cocoa butter that deeply hydrate your skin and soothe itching around your breasts, thighs, and stomach. 
  • Natural Nipple Butter: It is common to experience sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding. To relieve these skin concerns, use The Moms Co.’s natural nipple butter, which is made with fragrance-free and organic ingredients like calendula oil and vitamin E that offer comfort and nourishment and soothe painful nipples.
  •  Natural Pain Relief Oil: As your body stretches during pregnancy, you may experience cramps and aches in your back, knees, and abdomen. To relax the pain, you can opt for The Moms Co.’s natural pain relief oil, made with pregnancy-safe ingredients like turmeric oil and mahua oil that enhance your bone health and aid in recovery. 

There you have it! The ultimate pregnancy skin care tips to boost hydration in your skin and reveal soft, dewy, and plump skin. Make sure to repeat these steps regularly, and keep your skin’s moisture level balanced to make it feel and look replenished, healthy, and super-glowy.  

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