Reasons Why Skin Gets Worse in Winters and How to Fix it

Reasons why skin gets worse in winters and how to fix it

Changing your wardrobe to make it suitable for changing weather is the norm but how often do we think about changing our skincare routine? As the temperature drops, people layer up to beat the chill but often leave out extra moisturization for the skin. Winter season brings with it, its own set of skincare challenges. Cold wind, change in temperature from heated indoors to cold outdoors, lack of humidity in the air can lead to skin dryness and dullness. If you are looking for natural skincare products that can help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized then read on.

How does cold weather affect the skin?

Lack of humidity in the air and cold temperatures results in dry air which can draw the moisture away from your skin. This can lead to skin dryness which causes itchiness, skin irritation and may even result in skin developing cracks. By choosing the right products with natural ingredients to moisturize your skin, you can keep your skin healthy and hydrated through the season. 

Why does my skin look so bad in the winter?

The skin is one of the most sensitive organs and needs constant attention. During the winter season, dry air and lack of humidity can sap away the moisture from the skin. This can result in dry, flaky and irritated skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause further damage by breaking down collagen which can lead to sunspots, sagginess and early signs of ageing.

In order to protect your skin, it’s important to adjust your skincare routine to incorporate mild and gentle cleansing products, moisturizing creams and hydrating serums and under-eye creams which can keep skin soft and supple. Apart from using the right skincare products, it’s important to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can leave skin dry and irritated. Read on to know more about the best products for moisturized skin in the winter season.

How do you fix winter-damaged skin?

1. Keep baths short
While it’s tempting to indulge in long showers with hot water as the temperature dips, it doesn’t help your skin. Hot water can strip the skin of natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to rashes and irritation. It’s best to keep your baths short and use lukewarm water to ensure your skin stays healthy.

2. Use gentle, natural body butter
Body lotions and body butters commonly have toxins and chemicals such as Mineral oil, petrolatum, silicones and artificial fragrances which can irritate or dry out your skin. It’s best to choose natural plant-based ingredients such as Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sea buckthorn oil and Rosehip oil when looking for a body butter to deeply moisturize your skin. Not only do these ingredients prevent dryness, but they also have additional benefits such as promoting collagen synthesis, repair skin damage and improve skin elasticity which keeps your skin healthy. Choose The Moms Co.’s Natural Body Butter to deeply moisturize your skin. It has power-packed natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sea Buckthorn oil and Rosehip oil but it is made without any harmful chemicals and toxins. It is dermatologically tested to ensure that your skin gets nothing but the best of safest natural ingredients.

dry flaky skin

3. Skip harsh face washes
Typical face washes have harmful ingredients such as sulphates which can strip the skin of natural oils, leaving your skin dry. Dry skin is more prone to developing early signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagginess and irritation. It’s best to choose natural face wash with Olive oil-based cleansers that are gentle yet effective at cleansing the skin without leaving it dry. Hyaluronic Acid is another ingredient which you should look for in a face wash as it has the unique ability to draw moisture from the environment and replenish the skin, leaving it soft and plump.
The Moms Co.’s Natural Vita Rich Face Wash is a must-have for healthy, hydrated skin because it has the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid and Olive oil-based cleansers.

4. Moisturize the skin under the eyes
The skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of the face which makes it more prone to dryness. If left unattended, dry skin under the eyes can become rough and develop fine lines and wrinkles. Use an under eye cream that’s specially formulated for the under eye area to ensure the skin stays hydrated, soft and supple. Choose The Moms Co.’s Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream which has natural ingredients such as Coffee Oil, Vitamins E and B3 which improve blood circulation, hydrate and soften the skin under the eyes.

5. Apply sunscreen
People generally tend to associate sunscreen with the summer season however it is just as important to wear a mineral-based sunscreen in the winter season as well. Applying a mineral-based sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out will protect your skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays which can penetrate your skin and cause premature ageing. Prolonged unprotected exposure to UV radiation can also breakdown collagen and make skin dry, dull and give it an uneven skin tone. It’s best to wear a mineral-based sunscreen throughout the year.

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6. Exfoliate your skin
Dead skin cells can build up when your skin is dry. Dead skin cells can also clog pores and cause acne. It’s best to use a gentle exfoliant to buff your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. 

7. Use hydrating face creams and serums

Both face serum and face creams help the skin in different ways. While a face serum is lighter and thinner than a face cream, it deeply penetrates the skin to hydrate, repair and replenishes it from within. A face cream, on the other hand, sits on the top layer of the skin, moisturizes it. Face creams act as a physical barrier to keep moisture in and irritants out. When used together, face serum and face cream can work as the perfect winter moisturization combo for your skin.

Choose a Vitamin C serum for face which has ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Chia Seed Oil to reduce pigmentation and deeply hydrate the skin from within. The Moms Co.’s Natural Vita Rich Face Serum is made with Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum, Chia Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply repair and replenish your skin from within.

Use a Natural Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturized in the winter season. Try The Moms Co.’s Natural Vita Rich Face Cream which is suitable for all skin types.

5 ways to protect your skin from dryness this winter season.

All products by The Moms Co. are made without any harmful chemicals and toxins and are Australia-certified cruelty-free so that you get nothing but the best of natural ingredients!

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