Super Hacks for Dad & Baby Bonding

Super Hacks for Dad & Baby Bonding

They say, when it comes to bonding with a baby, it comes naturally to a mom. How can a dad compete with that? Well, first, it’s not a competition. Secondly, yes, there’s a biological drive to look to mom for comfort, but dads too can bond in ways unimaginable, yet with simple super hacks for dad.

Many dads feel that early fatherhood is more like watching than participating. That’s absolutely okay to feel that way. Bonding with your baby takes time to flourish. Remember that moms had a 9-month head start on it. So be patient!

The best way to bond and grow closer to a baby is to spend time with baby. Here are some ‘winning’ hacks to do just that, all taken from my husband’s secret diaries.

Read on all you new dads for some Super Hacks for Dad & Baby Bonding.

1. Strengthen your bond even before your baby arrives

A strong connection can be built between you and your baby when you talk to your partner’s pregnant belly. Singing a soothing song, reading baby books or simply chit-chatting with your partner’s belly helps build a strong connection, like no other. It may seem awkward, in the beginning, but you’ll be happy to see the results when your newborn recognizes your voice patterns. It will give you a sense of joy, like you’ve never imagined.

2. Learn the tricks from other New Dads

Why don’t you spend time with other newborns and get comfortable with them before yours comes by? Talk to other new dads, help them take care of their babies, and learn the do’s and don’ts from them. No book will lend you more information than a hands-on parent. This experience will give you more confidence and help you get to know about babies.

3. Don’t take Stress

Yes, the mom has had a 9-month head-start on bonding with the baby but that does not mean you need to stress about your bond. As long as you spend time with your baby, there will be a thriving relationship. What you should do is join in the fun when your partner is spending time with your newborn.

Pitch in with your efforts! If your partner feeds your newborn, help with burping him. Change diapers, bathe you’re newborn – do things that you can. Snuggle up, read fairy tales or simply hum soft tunes. You can also help put your little one to sleep. Find your own way to bond with your bundle and you’ll notice that you’re getting closer to your baby.

4. Embrace the power of touch

A baby understands and responds beautifully to touch. Hold your baby close to your chest whenever possible. Rock her gently. Cuddle her. You can bear hug your baby or even swaddle. Sometimes, placing your baby in between your knees, while lying down, also helps cuddle up your baby.

Don’t forget to capture these everlasting moments. These precious, breathtaking, and unforgettable times should be cherished forever. Click pictures and take videos of your ‘dad’ time with your baby. Take a look at Summer Fun Activities for your Toddler.

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