Things To Remember Before Giving Baby Bath In Winter

Things To Remember Before Giving Baby Bath In Winter

The first winter newborn bath can encircle your mind with many concerns and questions regarding how to bathe a newborn baby in winters. Ensuring that the baby is not exposed to excessive cold which can make the baby sick is the most important task to manage for winter baby baths. Baby baths are a great time to bond with your baby. Newborn baths allow babies to explore new feelings like warm water touch, soapy feels, and the hand rolling on the body by their favorite person, their mom. In this blog we will talk about everything related to baby baths in winters.

Things To Remember Before Giving bath to your baby during winters

To Make sure that you do ’the baby bath’ right, there are certain things you need to remember regarding baby baths during winters. Here are answers to some common questions and handy baby bath tips.

When to start bathing?

For a newborn’s bath, you should wait till the stump of the umbilical cord falls off. Until then, stick to sponging the baby. Once the umbilical area is healed and the baby seems ready, bathing the baby once in three days is sufficient. However, you should thoroughly clean your baby’s mouth, face, and private areas daily.

The right time

Check if it’s too cold outside and bathe your baby only when you’re sure that the baby will be warm enough later. It’s best to wait for the sun to come out before starting your newborn bath regime in winters. However, nighttime baby baths are also relaxing if you are looking to put the baby to sleep immediately after.

Can I bathe my baby daily in winters?

The right temperature

If the temperature outside is very low, use a room heater to generate heat in the bath area for newborn baby baths. Fill the baby’s bathtub with lukewarm water. Test the water temperature with your elbow as it is the most sensitive part of the body before giving a baby bath in winter. Put the baby into the bathtub once you are sure of the temperature of the water.

Natural and toxin-free

For the selection of baby care products, make sure that the products are natural, toxin-free and completely safe for the newborn baby bath. Presence of chemicals and toxic ingredients may strip the baby’s skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy in winters.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients like avocado, coconut and chamomile oil in your baby’s body wash will not just be gentle on the baby’s skin but will also keep it nourished. They also induce sound sleep after the baby bath. Use a natural and tear-free shampoo which cleanses your baby’s scalp and nourishes her super soft hair while keeping that heart-warming smile on!

Baby bath products

Before you start the newborn baby bath, make sure you have gathered all the baby bath essentials like pre and post-bath products. These essentials include a bathtub, an absorbent big-sized towel to wipe and wrap the baby after the bath, a baby body wash, soap, shampoo, lotion and a clean nappy. 

The Moms Co recommends using the best baby bath products which are completely natural, safe and specially formulated for the babies’ delicate and sensitive skin.


It is a very gentle cleanser which also deeply moisturizes the skin. It has a pH of 5.5 which is the same as the pH of a baby’s skin. It is blended with Oatmeal Extract, Shea & Kokum Butters & Calendula Oil that works effectively on all skin types, including eczema prone skin. 

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The Natural Baby Wash is an all natural, toxin-free combination of Coconut based mild cleansers. Its oils like Avocado, Organic Chamomile, and Organic Aloe Vera gel help soften, moisturize and soothe your baby’s delicate skin.

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The Natural Baby Shampoo nourishes and strengthens the baby’s hair. It is safe for babies as it has an all natural formula with coconut base.

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The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion nourishes, protects and moisturizes your baby’s skin. It comes with the benefits of Organic Apricot, Organic Jojoba, and Organic Rice Bran Oil that deeply nourish the baby’s delicate skin.

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Keeping these things in mind assists you in having a hassle-free newborn baby bath.

Some handy baby bath tips

Once you are well aware about how to bathe a newborn baby, there are few more tips that you can use for added care, and fun during the newborn bath time:

  1. The level of the water in the bathtub should be up to the chest of the baby, and not more than that during the baby bath.
  2. Do not have a prolonged newborn baby bath process in winters; wash the babies from feet upwards, take them out and wrap in a clean, absorbent towel to dry them up immediately.
  3. Keep the baby’s clothes handy so the baby does not have to stay undressed in the cold for long after the baby bath.
  4. Make sure you dry the baby’s body thoroughly post the newborn bath, particularly the head, before dressing her up.
  5. After the baby bath regime, moisturize the baby’s skin and then put the clothes on.
  6. Apply a diaper-rash cream to prevent and soothe skin inflammation and rashes before putting on a diaper.
  7. Keep the windows and doors shut while dressing and bathing the baby in winters.

Hope the above tips are handy for all first-time moms for the first winter baby bath of their baby. Once the babies are a little older, you can keep some baby bath toys for them to play with, making the bath session more fun.


What is the best time to bathe your baby during winters?

The best time for baby bathing during winters is between the day time when the sun rises and before the sun sets. It is recommended to give night time baby baths to the newborn only when you want to soothe them to sleep.

How many times a week should you bathe your baby during winters?

Bathing a newborn baby 3 times a week is sufficient. But make sure to sponge clean the baby’s face and genitals. You can begin giving your newborn the baby baths after the umbilical cord falls out, and you feel the need of cleaning them thoroughly everyday. Hot summers demand bathing babies daily, because skipping baby baths during heat can make babies fussy and cause rashes on their body.

Which is the best massage oil for babies to use in winters?

A completely natural, toxin-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free baby oil is the best choice for baby massage oil in winters. During winters using baby oil before baby bath helps keep the baby’s skin moisturized. For the babies having dry skin you can also apply a natural baby oil after the baby bath. The baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, and baby products often enter the baby’s eyes, nose and mouth. Hence an all natural baby massage oil makes the best oil for 

baby massage. One such completely natural best baby massage oil is The Moms Co NATURAL MASSAGE OIL. 

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Massage Oil is best to strengthen baby’s bones and muscles, which also nourishes and relaxes the baby with regular massage. It is a toxin-free combination of oils like Sesame, Organic Almond, Avocado, Organic Jojoba, Organic Chamomile and Natural Vitamin E. Buy link

Some parents like to bathe the baby everyday as they are concerned about the hygiene of the baby. Too much and too frequent newborn baby baths during cold months could make your baby susceptible to allergies, cold and sickness. The skin of a newborn is extremely sensitive, so recurrent contact with warm water and certain baby bath products may cause harm to the skin, leaving it itchy and dry.