Tips for Taking Care of the Vulnerable Skin on Your Baby’s Bottom

Tips for Taking Care of the Vulnerable Skin on Your Baby’s Bottom

Your baby’s bottom is one area that is very delicate and needs special care. If your child is in diapers, it makes it susceptible to diaper rash, a common and mild irritation of the skin that causes redness in the area. Your baby’s skin deals with a lot under a diaper and requires timely attention. Doing so, can prevent your little one from the rash and help ward off recurrences.  The sooner you start treating it, the better.  Prevention is the best cure. Here’s how you can avoid the problem further:

  • Refresh the diaper area – Most rashes are triggered by prolonged exposure to dirty diapers making it more vulnerable to infections. Everytime you change the diaper, ensure that you soothe & refresh the baby’s sensitive skin using a gentle cleanser. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Bottom Wash makes for the perfect partner for those messy diaper duties. Its aloe vera and calendula extract keeps the skin moisturized and soothed. The spray bottle makes it convenient to quickly clean the area between diaper changes.  The panthenol based spray helps in healing wounds by repairing the skin & improves skin hydration. For any mother, her little ones’ hygiene and comfort is of utmost importance. The chamomile extract protects your baby’s skin from bacterial infections. Spray on the diaper area during diaper changes and follow it up with wiping the sensitive area.
  • Keep the area dry – The moisture around the area can step up skin irritation and trigger a rash. A newborn requires more frequent diaper changes and also needs to be cleansed from time to time. In order to keep the area dry, use Talc-Free Baby Powder after cleansing the baby’s bottom. This corn-starch based powder helps in absorbing the moisture and keeps the baby’s skin dry and is a safer alternative to talcum powder. It works by soaking up the excess moisture and protects the skin.
  • Clean the area using a soft cloth – Baby’s delicate skin can develop inflammation due to the friction caused due to the rubbing action of the cloth against the baby’s bottom. Always ensure that you use a soft cloth.   material used to clean the bottom.  The Moms Co. 100% biodegradable Natural Water Wipes are made using material that’s as soft as cotton and with 99% water for your baby’s delicate skin. The Calendula Extract with its anti-inflammatory properties heals rashes & provides gentle protection to the skin. The eco-friendly wipes nourishes and soothes the delicate skin preventing it from dryness & irritation leaving it supple. Keep it handy in the bag and repeat for those extra messy diaper duties following it by applying ointment to the area.
  • Treat rashes as soon as you see them – Rashes, if not treated can lead to severe inflammation and make the baby feel uncomfortable. To prevent or ward off the recurrence of diaper rashes and skin inflammation, apply a generous amount of zinc based cream which prevents the water from penetrating into the skin and helps in protecting your baby’s natural skin barrier, that also include chamomile oil to prevent rashes. Try The Moms Co. Diaper Rash Cream that is formulated with 15% Zinc and chamomile oil that helps soothe the inflammation. The organic chamomile oil helps in wound healing with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, creating a layer between wetness and baby’s skin, protecting it from diaper rash, resulting in the natural healing of the rash.
  • Use soothing products – Look for ingredients like Calendula, Chamomile & Aloe Vera. These help soothe inflammation & redness. The Moms Co. Diaper Care Bundle with Natural Bottom Wash, Natural Baby Wipes & Natural Diaper Rash Cream is formulated with these natural ingredients & is all a mother needs to keep her little one’s vulnerable skin protected from  infections and rash.

Recommended regime:

  1. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Bottom Wash
  2. The Moms Co. 100% biodegradable Natural Water Wipes
  3. The Moms Co. Diaper Rash Cream

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