Toxin-Free Skincare For Babies

Toxin-free skincare for babies

Parenthood is full of care, concern and apprehensions. There are many questions that come to your mind when you become a parent, especially for the first time. Right from ensuring that your baby’s needs are met to giving them nothing but the best, you want everything to be perfect for your little one. It’s best to choose natural baby products for your baby’s skincare that are toxin-free.

What are non-toxic products? 

Baby care products that are made without harmful chemicals and toxins and are certified toxin-free by independent bodies can be considered non-toxic. 

While it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to your baby’s care, it’s just as important to read the labels on your baby’s skincare products and learn to identify harmful ingredients. Ingredients such as Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral Oil, Synthetic fragrances and more are commonly used in baby care products. These ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions, sensitivity and make skin prone to dryness. Some of these ingredients, such as Mineral oil, are also known to get absorbed into the body and can get accumulated over time. 

Which product is best for baby skin? 

Toxin-Free Baby Skincare

Your baby’s skin is thinner and more delicate as compared to your skin. As such, anything that you put on your baby’s skin gets absorbed easily. While there are many baby care products that claim to be made without any harmful chemicals and toxins, they aren’t always transparent about the ingredients that they use. It’s best to use baby skincare products that are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and certified toxin-free to ensure your baby’s delicate skin is safe from harmful chemicals.

When shopping for baby care products, it’s important to read the label and ensure that the products don’t contain hazardous chemicals or toxins. 

What ingredients should you avoid in baby products? 

Here are some ingredients you should look out for in baby skincare products as they can be harmful for your baby. 

1.Artificial fragrance – These are added to practically every baby care product that’s out there. However, the word fragrance is an umbrella term for over hundred different chemicals which can be used to give a product a particular smell. These chemicals can cause skin irritation, dryness and sensitivity. It’s best to choose products that don’t have added artificial fragrances or derive their fragrance from natural essential oils. 

2. Parabens – Parabens work as preservatives and prevent microbial growth in products. However, some parabens are linked to breast cancer and may even cause reproductive and developmental harm. Parabens are commonly found in baby lotions, wash and shampoos. Choose moisturizers for baby skin that do not contain parabens but use plant-derived preservatives which are safe and toxin-free. 

3. Talc – Talc is mined from earth and is found in close proximity to Asbestos. It can be contaminated with Asbestos when mined. Contaminated Talc can lead to cancer. While Talc is commonly used in abby powers, it’s best to choose natural alternatives such as Corn Starch. Derived from corn, cornstarch helps absorb moisture and does not have any harmful effects for your baby. 

4. Mineral Oil – A by-product of petroleum refining, Mineral oil is commonly used in baby massage oils, lotions and baby face cream. However, Mineral oil can be contaminated with carcinogenic substances. Moreover, Mineral oil can be absorbed through the skin and gradually accumulate into the body. The best baby massage oils are usually a combination of natural oils that strengthen bones and muscles and are made without Mineral oil. 

5. Sulphates – Commonly used in baby wash and baby shampoo, Sulphates are aggressive detergents that create lather and lift grease and grime from our skin and hair. However, Sulphates can irritate your baby’s eyes and strip the skin and hair of natural oils. Choose baby wash and shampoos that use mild and gentle Coconut-based cleansers that work effectively to cleanse your baby’s hair, scalp and skin without causing any harm. 

6. Phenoxyethanol – A chemical ingredient that’s used as a preservative, Phenoxyethanol is used in baby soaps and lotions, hand sanitizers and baby wipes among other things. However, exposure to phenoxyethanol has been linked to skin reactions ranging from eczema, hives and rashes. Choose natural baby lotion  that is made without Phenoxyethanol and contains plant-derived preservatives to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy. 

7. Formaldehyde – This chemical ingredient is also used as a preservative and is used in liquid baby soaps and shampoos. However, formaldehyde can cause a range of short term problems such as irritation to the eyes and the nose, allergic skin reactions and rashes. Choose baby safe skincare products that are made without Formaldehyde and contain plant-based, natural preservatives.

Baby safe skincare

Choose from The Moms Co.’s range of natural, safe and certified toxin-free baby skincare products. The natural baby products by The Moms Co. are made without any harmful chemicals are toxins. Every ingredient that they use in their products is first checked against top 5 international toxicity databases such as EWG, Paula’s Choice, Whole Foods and Safe Cosmetics Australia. If an ingredient has potential to be harmful then it is not used in formulating the products. Their products are made with natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Cornstarch, Coconut-based cleansers, Argan oil, Calendula oil and more. These ingredients are gentle on your baby’s skin and safe for the environment as well. 

The Moms Co. takes product safety a step further by getting all their baby care products dermatologically tested and ensuring they are hypoallergenic. These products are Australia-certified toxin-free and Certified Made Safe By Safe Cosmetics Australia. These products are also Australia Allergy Certified and PETA certified cruelty free. Rest assured, every time you use a product by The Moms Co., you are using the safest, natural, toxin-free skincare for babies out there. 

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