Under Eye Cream – How and When to use?

eye cream for dark cirlce

Under eye creams are specially formulated for the delicate skin under the eyes and deliver a host of benefits to resolve concerns specific to that area of the face. It’s also important to note that the skin under the eyes does not have oil glands unlike the skin on your chin, nose, cheeks and forehead. As such, the skin under the eyes is more prone to dryness and if left untreated, this can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The skin around your eyes is 10% thinner as compared to the rest of the face. Face creams do a great job at moisturizing our skin, but are not suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. Face creams are often thick in texture and can not penetrate the skin around the eyes easily. Also face creams can have ingredients such as artificial fragrances which can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes.

Another reason to consider using an under eye cream is because the skin around the eyes is constantly moving. Every time you smile, frown, squint or even blink, the skin around your eyes moves. These repeated movements over time can lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. The first signs of aging often show up around the eyes in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Using an eye cream for wrinkles can help reduce the appearance and keep your skin looking healthy and rejuvenated over time. 

Benefits Of Under Eye Cream

Using an under eye cream not only helps moisturize and soften the skin under the eyes but also works on concerns such as dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Prevents skin aging

Being packed with antioxidants, a good under eye cream benefits by preventing and counteracts the skin aging process. It controls sagging skin under the eyes, wrinkle and fine line formations. Under eye creams for wrinkles work by increasing collagen production.

Reduces eye fatigue

The application of under eye cream reduces the stress and fatigue of the eyes. The natural cooling agents in the best under eye cream benefits in relaxing the eyes.

Minimize the puffy eyes

The swollen puffy eyes can be reduced with regular under eye cream application. Under eye cream minimizes puffy eyes by increasing the blood circulation.

Reduce appearance of dark circles

Under eye creams for dark circles are filled with skin brightening and depigmentation agents. They soothe the skin around the eyes, increase blood circulation, and decrease dark lines that reduce the appearance of the dark circles.

Deep hydration

Formulas of best under eye creams are curated to deeply hydrate the dry skin under the eyes. Deep hydration keeps skin aging at bay! Under eye creams have fast absorption and great penetration into the delicate skin under the eyes. This makes its use important in treating dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and swollen eyelids.

Strengthens the delicate skin

Best under eye creams boost the collagen production which improves skin elasticity and strengthens the delicate under eye skin.

An all natural under eye cream when used routinely helps maintain the skin around the eyes supple and blemish free.

How to apply under eye cream

Following these basic steps in under eye cream application helps you make the most out of your face care products:

Step 1: Cleansing

Thorough cleaning of the face using a face wash is necessary to remove all the dust, dirt, and makeup. Using a good natural face wash cleans the face without ripping off natural skin moisture, unclogs the pores, prepares the skin to absorb the next skin care products better.

Step 2: Toning

It is important to use a face toner in a good face care regime to boost healthy skin. Skin toners prepare the skin for better absorption of ingredients from other products, helps even out the skin tone, brighten the complexion and prepare the base on the skin for makeup.

Step 3: Under eye cream

The best under eye cream gets quickly absorbed and prepares the skin for face cream application. If you use a face serum then apply the serum before the under eye cream.

  • Apply the under eye cream using your ring finger, as it exerts minimal pressure on the delicate under eye skin.
  • Use pea-sized amounts of under eye cream and dap dots under the eyes.
  • Begin eye cream application from the inner corner of the eyes and move outwards.
  • Avoid going near the eyelashes.
  • Pat and dap the under eye cream into the skin without dragging or rubbing the delicate skin.
  • Wait for two minutes before applying the next face care products.

Step 4: Face cream

Always apply a face cream after applying the under eye cream. As the face cream is heavier it takes time for it to absorb in the skin, than the time taken for a good natural under eye cream.

Ingredients to look for in under eye cream

When it comes to choosing an under eye cream, it’s best to look for one that has antioxidants, a lightweight texture and can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Get an all natural under eye cream that has following ingredients:

Coffee Oil

Coffee Oil is a must-have ingredient in under eye cream for dark circles. Coffee oil is a rich source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which not only help keep the skin healthy but reduce puffiness and swelling that can show up as under-eye bags. Caffeine in Coffee Oil also helps improve blood circulation and helps reduce dark circles. Coffee Oil also has Tannin, a natural compound that helps narrow blood vessels and improves blood circulation which helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. 

Hyaluronic Acid

While Hyaluronic Acid naturally occurs in our skin and has the unique ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. However, with age, the level of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin starts depleting. Using under eye cream fortified with Hyaluronic Acid can help restore lost moisture to the skin and ensure it stays soft and supple. 

Chia Seed Oil

Chia Seed Oil is another natural ingredient that you should consider when purchasing an under eye cream. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, Chia Seed Oil helps maintain skin’s moisture levels and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because Chia Seed Oil is lightweight and gets absorbed easily, it is suitable for all skin types. 


Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide is an important ingredient to consider when choosing an under eye cream for dark circles. Vitamin B3 is known to even out skin tone and helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots. It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles which can further improve the appearance of the skin under the eyes. 

Chamomile Oil

Known for the soothing properties and cooling effects, chamomile is excellent for reducing the appearance of dark circles and relaxing the overworked body part, the eyes! Chamomile oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that help decrease swollen puffy eyes.

Almond Oil

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, almond oil deeply penetrates the skin tissues for enhanced moisturization. It has vitamin E, K and retinol that treats signs of aging, and tightens the under eye skin. The skin brightening properties of almond oil benefit in reducing dark spots, dark circles and hyperpigmentation. Almond oil eye massage works wonders in decreasing under eye puffiness.

Look for ingredients that hydrate, moisturize and soften the skin under the eyes. Skin that is moisturized is less likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines. If you are going for under eye cream for wrinkles then look for niacinamide as one of the key ingredients. For issues like dark circles around eyes and puffy eyes, coffee should be the main ingredient of your under eye cream for dark circles.

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What Does Under Eye Cream Do?

The best under eye cream moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the gentle under eye skin. The deep penetrating and fast absorbing properties of the under eye cream benefits in preventing skin aging, reducing dark circles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentations. The cooling agents soothe the eye fatigue and relax the eye muscles which reduce the swollen eyes.

What age should you start using eye cream?

Mid-twenties is the preferred age to start using under eye cream. But if someone has very dry skin they can start using under eye cream in their teens. Make sure to use an all natural under eye cream for no side effects like sensitivity, watery eyes or itching. The moms co Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream is the best natural under eye cream .

Do you apply eye cream before or after moisturizer?

You should apply an under eye cream before a moisturizer. Under eye creams have a light weight formula that quickly absorbs in the skin, whereas the face creams have a heavier formula compared to the under eye cream, which may block the eye cream ingredients to penetrate deeper surpassing the face cream till the skin.

When and how often should you apply under eye cream?

Under eye creams should be applied two times a day: at bedtime, and immediately after getting up (before entering the daylight). It should be applied after face wash and face toner, but before face cream and sunscreen. Apply an under eye cream with your ring-finger in a dapping motion around your eyes. Do not rub the eye cream on the delicate skin with your fingers. Using an under eye cream with a roller in a circular motion benefits the most. The Moms Co Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream comes with the roller, and is made of all natural ingredients that help reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentations.Apart from using an under eye cream, it’s just as important to keep your body hydrated and get adequate sleep. Following a balanced diet along with exercising regularly can also help alleviate dark circles and puffiness. Always wear sunscreen before stepping out in the sun to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin.

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