Best Winter Hair Care Tips

Amidst the chaos of finding the perfect winter skincare routine, we tend to miss out on finding something just as important– winter hair care tips & essentials. Our hair experiences prolonged exposure to the lack of moisture in the air, pollution, cigarette smoke, etc., and change in temperature from heated indoors to cold outdoors– making them go through a lot. Without a winter hair care routine, your hair would be prone to dryness, damage, breakage, dandruff, itchiness, etc. 

This is why, just like skin care is essential 365 days a year, winter hair care is important too. If you’re wondering how you could take extra special care of your hair, read on to find out! 

Winter Haircare Tips that should be taken care of.

To prevent your hair from going dry, dull, and lifeless owing to the harmful pollutants one is faced with even in the warmth of our homes, we have put together some winter hair care tips, for you to easily incorporate into your routine, thus, giving you healthy & moisturized hair.

Staying Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the foundation of every form of self-care one can opt for. Just as drinking lots of water can give you clear, hydrated skin, it can also help replenish the moisture your hair has lost because of the harsh, cold weather. The first step to following hair care in winter is to ensure you drink at least 8 ounces of water every day. This addition to your winter hair care routine will ensure that it remains healthy, and doesn’t turn dull owing to the free radicals around you. 

Using Lukewarm Water 

One of the most important hacks for winter haircare is to avoid using hot water. While using hot water during the winter season can feel relaxing and warm, it might not be the most beneficial and effective for your hair. 

An effective winter haircare routine suggests, that while temperature plays a huge role, it is recommended to use lukewarm water for your hair and body. Hot water can strip your hair and scalp of their natural moisture, making it drier, and frizzy. 

For the perfect hair care in the winter season, use neither cold water nor hot–rather, use lukewarm water to open up and clean the pores for a better wash. 

Cover your Head

This winter hair care hack will help minimize the effect of harsh environmental elements on your hair in your daily life. While going out during the winter season, cover your hair with silk or satin scarves to protect them from free radicals and minimize exposure to cold air, thus breaking the chain of damage to your hair. 

For hair care in winter, it is recommended to cover your hair and use cotton or woollen fabrics on top of silk or satin scarves to protect your hair and head from cold air. Covering your hair with cotton or woollen fabrics can lead to friction, which is why silk or satin coverings are the best bet. 

Comb Carefully

For starters, wet hair can be combed, but only with the right tools and ways. Wet hair is elastic and stretches when combed, so things like harsh combing, or drying your hair with a towel give stress to your hair and roots, especially without a proper winter hair care routine, which leads to breakage. It is recommended to use a wide-toothed comb, or paddle brush to easily detangle wet hair, without much stress. 

The only exception is curly hair– it should be combed, rather than brushed. Combing curly hair will help retain the texture, shape and curl pattern whereas, brushing curly hair will lead to frizz and extra volume when dry. 

Get Regular Trims

Two of the most common hair concerns caused due to dry and cold air in the winter season are hair breakage and split ends. That, added to the usage of hats, scarves puts strain and often causes friction in your hair. 

For better winter hair care and good hair growth, it is recommended to get hair trims every 4-8 weeks to remove dry, split ends. 

Avoid Heat Styling

Your hair and skin are already sensitive and prone to breakage, split ends, rough texture, etc., and exposing them to heat styling tools and chemicals can degrade their quality and volume more. Exposure of dry hair to heat styling tools can lead to dull, frizzy, limp, damaged, and dehydrated hair. Healthy hair care winter tips suggest avoiding heat-styling tools and keeping harmful chemicals to a minimum. 

Take Care of your Diet

The most essential role in keeping your body and mind healthy is your diet. A good diet rich in vitamins like berries, carrots, and pumpkin adds a lot to your healthy winter haircare. Add healthy greens, omega-3 fatty acids, and meat to your diet to give them proper care. On top of it all, staying hydrated is an everyday must. 

Massaging with Hair Oils

To get the best from your winter haircare routine, use a Hair Oil containing natural oils like Amla, Bhringraj, Coffee, and Tea Tree Oil. Massaging with these will strengthen your hair from within, encourage hair growth, prevent hair fall, reduce dandruff and dryness, and keeps it moisturized as well. 

The Moms Co. Natural Hair Strengthening Oil is a combination of 8 natural oils including Amla, Bhringraj, Coffee and Tea Tree oils. It reduces hair fall and has proven to improve hair strength by 77%. Amla oil strengthens the roots while Bhringraj oil improves blood circulation and encourages hair growth, and coffee oil stimulates hair follicles for better growth. It is a must-product in your winter haircare routine.


Using a Hot Towel Treatment

After the hair oil, one must add the Hot Towel Treatment to their winter haircare routines. Once you have oiled and massaged your hair, wrap them up in a hot, damp towel for 15-20 minutes before moving on to wash your hair. The steam from the towel will help accelerate the absorption of natural oils you used previously. 

Use Moisturizing Shampoos

For your winter hair care, it is important to first understand that your shampoo should address the problems your hair is experiencing. During this season, the primary concern is excessive hair fall and dry, dull, frizzy hair which needs a shampoo with naturally moisturizing qualities and ingredients. 

For special winter hair care measures, opt for using a shampoo rich in proteins like Hydrolyzed Silk and Wheat Protein, Moroccan Argan Oil, Moringa Oil, Aloe Vera, etc., to help cleanse and repair damaged, dry hair along with strengthening and moisturizing them.  

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo is a perfect product to add to your winter haircare routine. Its natural proteins strengthen, moisturize and help reduce the damage caused by harsh chemicals, UV rays, dust and pollution. It does not take away the natural moisture of hair and prevents it from drying, frizzing and breakage. 

Another chemical-free hair shampoo that’s safe for everyone is the Moms Co. Natural KA+ Damage Repair Shampoo. If you’re looking to repair your damaged hair and reduce hair breakage, this shampoo does the job very well. It also reduces hair breakage, prevents split ends, restores softness and gives stronger thicker-looking hair.

Always use a Hair Conditioner

Using a conditioner after shampooing your hair is an essential step in the winter haircare routine. Creamy conditioners rich in Vitamins, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Silk Protein can do wonders as a part of your winter haircare

Such components make sure your hair locks in moisture and nutrients, prevents hair fall, strengthens hair, and a lot more! Adding deep conditioning to your winter haircare routine is a must for healthy hair. The Moms Co recommends the Natural Protein Conditioner made with the combination of Hydrolyzed Wheat and Silk Proteins, Argan Oil, Murumuru Seed Butter, Beetroot extract and Vitamins that deeply moisturize and repair hair damage. Regular use of this conditioner makes the hair soft, frizz-free and smooth.


Use a Hair Serum 

Adding hydrating agents to your winter hair care routine like Hair Serums can give you numerous benefits. It is recommended to use Serums containing the richness of Moroccan Argan Oil and Marula Oil which help in protecting your hair from environmental and chemical damage, and Amino Acids that help strengthen the hair structure while keeping them moisturized and conditioned. Good hair serum is a must-add to your winter haircare routine for hydrated, frizz-free, shiny, and visibly healthy hair. 

The Moms Co recommends the best Natural Protein Hair Serum with the goodness of Moroccan Argan Oil, Wheat, Pea and Oat Proteins. It forms a layer on the hair strands which shields the hair from any damage from pollution, and hair styling chemicals and tools. It is India’s first silicone-free serum that protects, repairs, and smoothens hair. 


We hope these winter hair care tips & essentials prove helpful to you in keeping your hair healthy and strong against all odds this season has to bring. To find out more about preventing hair problems, read our blogs and get healthy hair. 

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Q: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair In Winter?

A: In the winter season, it is important that you wash your hair 1-2 times a week, and not more, since doing so can cause the reduction of natural oils in your hair, leaving it dry. With Shampoos, Conditioners, & Hair Serums rich in nutrients and proteins, remember to wash your hair with lukewarm water, instead of hot water. 

Q: How can I keep my hair healthy in winter? 

A: Adding the necessary steps in your winter haircare routine as mentioned in this blog can easily help you keep your hair healthy during this season. 

Q: How can I fix my Frizzy hair in Winter? 

A: During the winter season, Frizzy hair needs extra care. To get rid of the frizz and get healthy, stronger hair, follow the steps mentioned in this blog. Add the essential steps to your winter hair care routine for better, voluminous results. 

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